French Montana
Trina's a Hypocrite She's a Homewrecker Too

Trina has some nerve hating on Khloe Kardashian for stealing French Montana away from her ... because Trina did the exact same thing to French's wife ... so claim friends of French (FOF).Trina's blasting French and Khloe in a new song "F*** Love" ... "You can keep that purse, you can keep that whip, you can have that bitch."But FOF say the song should have been called "Karma" ... because she started banging French while he was still married.We're told French had feelings for Trina ... but she was never "his main girl" ... so it's a case of no harm, no foul.Final shot ...FOF say Trina's new song is a lame attempt to jump start her career off French and Khloe.

Rihanna -- NFL/CBS Deceived Everyone ... I NEVER Signed on for Football

Rihanna is livid at the NFL and CBS  ...  claiming the league and the network had no right to make it look like she was part of the Ravens/Steelers Thursday night pre-game show ... and had no right to single her out when it was scrapped.Sources connected with Rihanna tell TMZ ... the singer was pissed when someone sent her the joint NFL/CBS press release last week, with the headline, "CBS & NFL Network 'Run This Town' for Thursday Night Football Open with Music Featuring Rihanna & Narration by Don Cheadle."In fact Rihanna never did anything special for the game ... all CBS/NFL did was license a Jay Z song that featured Rihanna.Rihanna's rep tells TMZ, "Due to the misuse and misrepresentation of Rihanna's name and participation in connection to CBS TNF, CBS was not allowed to license and utilize the song 'Run This Town.' Roc Nation made the decision to not grant the song’s usage."Translation: Because her name was used to promote the show, she felt she then had the right to block the production.Rihanna also made it clear on social media Tuesday ... she is also angry that CBS yanked the production and insinuated it was because she was the victim of domestic violence. CBS's plan was to use the Jay Z song along with a voiceover by Don Cheadle that would be customized for each match up -- but CBS said today the song will NOT be used.We called CBS and the NFL ... so far, no comment.

Diddy Drops $40 Mil On Sick House

Diddy is moving up the ranks of elite L.A. homeowners ... because TMZ has learned he just closed escrow on a $40 million estate in one of the most exclusive parts of the city.The mogul now owns a European villa in Holmby Hills -- near where Michael Jackson died.  The estate has 8 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. The main house is 17,000 square feet with a 3,000 square foot guesthouse. And, there's a separate spa house that has a steam room, massage room and beauty salon.Of course the lagoon-style pool has a grotto.The home is brand new ... built 6 months ago. Diddy, with the help of mega-realtor Kurt Rappaport, was on the hunt for an L.A. home for years.

Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes -- The Cover Up Is Over ... We Just Had A Baby!

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are now the proud parents of a baby girl -- which is damn near miraculous, considering they denied she was pregnant all along.Eva popped out the little bambina on Friday ... according to US Weekly. So far ... Ryan and Eva haven't revealed a name or any of the baby's vital stats -- which is not shocking. As recently as July they wouldn't cop to the pregnancy ... even after Eva was photographed clearly trying to cover her belly. Little girl's got the most gorgeous parents on the planet -- c'mon ... we gotta see the baby. 

Dwight Howard -- LICENSE SUSPENDED ... Blows More Reds Than Communist Hooker

Dwight Howard might be color blind -- 'cause officials in Florida say he ran 10 RED LIGHTS in 2-and-a-half years -- and now his license has been suspended ... TMZ Sports has learned. According to official records, the NBA superstar was captured by those red light cameras in Orange County, FL over and over again ... starting in 2012, when he was busted 9 times in 10 months. Then, after a year-and-a-half without a violation, Howard struck again in 2014 -- blowing through another red light on July 1st ... his 10th overall infraction. Officials from the Orange County Clerk of Courts tell us ... Howard's license can be reinstated if he pays a $285 fine. We're guessing he can afford it. We reached out to Howard's reps for comment -- so far, no word back.

Sarah Palin -- Making Up Is Hard to Do

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin ventured out Monday to do some shopping around Anchorage without any makeup on ... and found a sly way to slip photogs the finger.Once a maverick, always a maverick.

Rihanna Slams CBS for Pulling Her from Ravens Game

7:53 AM PT -- CBS released a statement saying they will NOT use Rihanna's performance going forward, saying, "Beginning this Thursday, we will be moving in a different direction with some elements of our Thursday Night Football open. We will be using our newly created Thursday Night Football theme music to open our game broadcast."It took a few days, but Rihanna is finally lashing out about CBS' decision to yank her musical opening from "Thursday Night Football" last week and air it this week instead ... and let's just say she's not happy.With the Ray Rice scandal still fresh, and the Ravens set to play the Steelers, CBS opted not to run a taped musical segment featuring Rihanna ... seeing as she had been the victim of high-profile domestic violence.But with the segment now set to air this week, Rihanna took to Twitter to blast CBS, writing, "CBS you pulled my song last week, now you wanna slide it back in this Thursday? NO, F*** you! Y'all are sad for penalizing me for this."  As for what she means by "penalizing" ... it's pretty clear she feels CBS will not allow her to move on from getting beaten by Chris Brown 5 years ago.  She followed that up by writing, "The audacity ..."Rihanna was in Barbados Monday ... looking extremely good.

Iggy Azalea's Former BF -- She Gave Me Permission To Sell Sex Tape!

Iggy Azalea's former boyfriend/manager now claims Iggy signed her rights away to him, giving him legal authority to market their sex tape ... TMZ has learned.Hefe Wine says Iggy signed a lengthy agreement with him in 2009 -- obtained by TMZ -- which gives him exclusive rights to "manufacture, sell, distribute and advertise 'any' recording embodying visual images."Iggy signed the contract to cut records and music videos, but Wine believes all he has to do is put a music bed under the sex tape which he claims would then give him exclusive rights to sell it. In other words, he believes Iggy has no legal ability to block a sex tape if he wants to sell it ... with Vivid Entertainment boss Steven Hirsch waiting in the wings with a seven-figure offer.What's more ... the contract provides that Wine has the legal right to create, host and maintain a website to market Iggy's works, so he believes he could create a website which would host the video.

Floyd Mayweather Re-Buffed By Buffett

Floyd Mayweather was snubbed by Warren Buffett before his championship fight Saturday night, because the billionaire and his company had issues with the champ, weed and women.Sources connected to both Mayweather and Buffett tell TMZ ... the mogul had agreed to walk Floyd into the ring ... accompanied by Justin Bieber and Wiz Khalifa. In fact, we're told Buffett was excited to be part of Team Money.But our sources say Buffett's company, Berkshire Hathaway, had problems with the spectacle, primarily because of a Mayweather documentary -- "All Access."  Buffett is featured in the flick with Floyd ... and the very next scene shows Money carousing with women while his posse rolls joints.The documentary didn't sit well with Buffett's people -- they felt it reflected badly on their boss. We're told at around 10 A.M. Saturday ... Warren agreed and 86'd his plan to walk Floyd into the ring.After Floyd found out Buffett bailed ... he decided to walk out alone.Buffett still went to the fight and was with Floyd in his dressing room before the bout.  

French Montana's Ex Calls Khloe a Bitch In New Diss Rap

Rapper Trina is on the attack ... BLASTING her ex French Montana and Khloe Kardashian for screwing behind her back -- and TMZ obtained a snippet of her new anger filled track about the affair.Trina never mentions either French or Khloe by name in the new song called "F*** Love" feat. Tory Lanez ... but sources close to the rapper tell us their tryst last year was definitely the track's inspiration.Trina doesn't pull punches ... insinuating French tried to play her for a fool -- and referring to Khloe with the line, "You can keep that bitch!"As we previously reported ... Trina and French were living together in New Jersey when Khloe came on the scene. Sources close to the couple said Trina was devastated by the break-up.So, what does Trina think now that Khloe and French are done? We reached out to her about the break-up and the track ... no word back yet.

'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' 'MEMBA HIM?!

Robert Romanus is best known for playing the ticket scalping salesman Mike Damone -- opposite Judge Reinhold and Phoebe Cates -- in the 1982 classic comedy "Fast Times at Ridgemont High." Guess what he looks like now!

Deion Sanders -- Pool Boy Flooded My Penthouse

Deion Sanders is completely underwater after his pool emptied into his Dallas penthouse apartment ... and now he wants millions from the company he blames for drenching him.The NFL Hall of Famer had been trying to sell his $6.5 million Dallas pad in the ritzy Azure tower -- where Terrell Owens and Jason Kidd have also lived -- when he hired WWPS, Inc. to work on the pool back in 2012. Mind you, the pool is INSIDE Deion's home. Baller style.According to the docs ... 2 days after the work was done, Deion's realtor stopped by and found the place flooded. This all went down while he was in the middle of a nasty divorce ... so the cash flow would've come in handy. Deion still hasn't sold the place -- even though he dropped the asking price to $4.8 mil. He wants at least a million from the the pool co. for his troubles.

Nicki Minaj
BamBOOBles Her Ass Critics

Nicki Minaj knows the game ... you want people to stop talking about a bizarre photo of your booty -- you gotta give 'em a perfect pic of something else. Hmm, half-exposed yabbos oughta do it.Anacondas like those too