'Buffy' Star's Arrest
I'm Going to Rehab For Booze & Pills

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star Nicholas Brendon says he made a bad decision to mix pain meds with alcohol this weekend ... and now he's going to rehab to get help.Brendon posted an apology on Facebook Monday afternoon ... saying he was on pain meds for 5 days to manage a cyst behind his knee -- but when he drank as well, things got bad.We broke the story -- cops say Brendon was causing a disturbance in the lobby of a hotel Friday night in Idaho -- and was arrested when he didn't cooperate with officers.Brendon says he plans to check into a rehab facility, and adds ... "I apologize. Those two small words don’t begin to express my regrets, but they do mark the beginning of my recovery."

Carmen Electra Spills Guts On Dennis Rodman -- Marriage Was Super Volatile

16 years after they tied the knot, Carmen Electra is telling all about her marriage to Dennis Rodman -- saying it was one of the most bipolar relationships she's ever been a part of. Electra sat down with Oprah's "Where Are They Now?" ... and explained why she fell in love with Rodman back in 1998.

Kylie Jenner & Tyga Legally Cleared to ... Voulez-Vous Coucher in France

Kylie Jenner and Tyga still deny they're a couple -- smart since she's 17 and he's 24 -- but that's not stopping them from flying together all over Europe, where it just so happens the age of consent would be more favorable for them to ... y'know.Tyga and Kylie were spotted together at England's Gatwick Airport on Friday ... then traveled on to Bordeaux, France and Geneva, Switzerland ... before landing in Athens, Greece where Tyga had a gig Sunday night.Seems odd that Kylie would go on tour with Tyga -- if they're just friends -- but then we noticed the age of consent for sex in those countries:England -- 16 France -- 15Switzerland -- 16Greece -- 15The consent age is 18 under Federal and California law. Of course, there's still no evidence they're banging -- and Tyga's been adamant they're NOT -- but ya gotta wonder if they read up on international laws before departing ... just in case.

Sinead O'Connor
Lied About Pope Duet Plans

American Music Awards sources are saying they never wanted Sinead O'Connor to stand alongside Pope Francis on their show ... they say she was the one pushing for the appearance.Sources close to the production tell TMZ ... it was actually HER team who contacted the AMAs ... but having Sinead end her Pope beef during the show was NEVER discussed.We're told show producers were interested in Sinead being on the show ... but they say her claims about the Pope -- which she made on her blog -- are ridiculous and a tweet was never sent.Sources say producers feel Sinead's been spewing BS for decades, so this rant is nothing new. More importantly ... we're told she will absolutely not be appearing on the award show now.Sinead famously ripped apart a photo of Pope John Paul II during her 1992 performance on "Saturday Night Live" ... which got her banned from the show for life.

Rob Lowe -- BLOODY SURF ACCIDENT ... Hottest Laceration Ever

Rob Lowe became the handsomest piece of shark bait in the water this weekend -- when he gashed his leg open during a surf session gone bad ... and the blood came pouring out.  As you can see in the pic, Lowe ripped open his right knee -- but before he got stitched up, the guy posed for a Instagram pic ... with the blood still streaming down his leg. In fact, 50-year-old Lowe was so impressed with his wound, he tweeted ... "The amount of blood that can unwantedly come out of one's body is amazing."Hot. 

Cashing in on Ebola Fears With Tricked Out Masks

If you're looking to stay safe from Ebola in style ... Cam'ron has you covered for less than $20 -- or at least that's what he's advertising.The rapper's line of Ebola masks -- with his mug plastered across the front -- start shipping in a few weeks ... and while the price might be right, the science behind it isn't.The website is selling them for $19.99 and says they offer a "soft, fluid protection barrier while the cellulose inner facing assures comfort and breathability." All of that might be true, but it ignores the fact Ebola isn't an airborne virus -- so, the mask is pretty much useless ... for now.Still, looks cool.

War Machine Suicide Note ... Blame the Victim

War Machine penned a suicide note in his jail cell ... in which he paints himself as the victim as he recounts the night he brutally beat his porn star girlfriend Christy Mack within an inch of her life.We broke the story ... War Machine tried to kill himself inside a Las Vegas jail cell last week -- a plan that was foiled by a corrections officer.TMZ obtained a letter War Machine sent to a friend the day before his suicide attempt.  It's shockingly delusional. He says after they broke up and got back together, "Something seemed different about you."  He then tries to justify the beating, by saying he was stunned when he discovered her infidelity, and saying "Finding what I found that night was devastating to me, more than you will ever know," adding, "not just the unfaithfulness, but the way u cared for him and protected him."War Machine says in the note this time he'd let Christy's new boyfriend Corey Thomas beat him up -- because he believes she would have stopped the guy and kicked her new dude out.He then sinks into a world of self pity ... "I still don't understand how I got into this mess.  I don't know why this had to happen.  My life was going so well."  He then has the balls to say, "I forgive you, please forgive me."War Machine is still facing 32 charges -- including attempted murder -- while he waits behind bars.

Nick Cannon -- I Swear I'm Not Creeping with Amber, And Here's Why ...

Just because freshly single Nick Cannon spends a night with smoking hot (and freshly single) Amber Rose at an amusement park ... does NOT mean they're banging -- it just looks like it.But Nick broke it down for us last night on his way out of a sushi joint in the Valley -- explaining why the video TMZ got of Amber and Nick on a roller coaster Friday night ... is proof they're absolutely nothing more than friends.He makes a solid point ... unless he's using reverse psychology. Nick does cop to getting into bed with someone -- Robin Leach.

Kris Jenner Calls Transsexual Talk Re: Bruce 'Silly'

NBC News is HILARIOUS ... pretending to be above "tabloid" celebrity news and then not-so-coyly jumping into that pool. Hoda Kotb interviewed Kris Jenner on "Today" Monday ... pretending to care about her new cookbook -- but you gotta hear how she transitions into transsexual talk. Hysterical.It's also interesting. Kris calls reports about Bruce Jenner becoming a woman "silly" ... saying there have been rumors since the '70s. But when it came to our story about Kris being furious that Bruce is now dating her former BFF ... she pretends she doesn't know who he's dating. She does.Nice cooking segment.

Black Flag Founder -- Creepy Concert Footage Fuels Custody Battle [VIDEO]

Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn is not to be trusted with his 2 daughters ... which his ex-wife says is obvious to anyone who watches this video of him perving out with a young chick on stage.Ginn performed with Black Flag in July at a Butte, MT music festival. A young woman jumped on stage and gotta say ... what he does with her is pretty shocking.The guy who shot the video says it was so creepy ... he contacted Ginn's ex-wife because he feared for the safety of the couple's daughters, ages 10 and 7. Marina Ginn says her ex has become increasingly erratic, and in court docs she accuses him of going off the rails with drugs around the kids. She says he neglects to feed them when they're with him and disciplines them by throwing water in their faces.Marina says they currently have joint custody ... she now wants sole custody. Greg's lawyer calls BS ... telling us the concert video is not what it seems, insisting it's harmless. He says Marina has her own emotional issues -- pointing out her online adult entertainment profile. He says what's really behind this is jealousy ... he's in a new relationship.

Halle Berry Co-Star
I'm Just a Kid ... But I'm Earning $$$$ Like a Boss

Halle Berry would love for Gabriel Aubry to take a lesson from her 9-year-old co-star -- because the kid is killing it when it comes to making big money ... on his own. Pierce Gagnon plays Halle's android son on the sci-fi show "Extant" -- and his paycheck is out of this world ... a cool $25K for every episode of season 1. According to his contract -- which was filed with the court because he's a minor -- Pierce made $325K for the first season and will collect even more for season 2 -- $26,250 per episode. Plus, he's locked into the contract for the next 6 years -- if the show lasts that long -- which means he could be a millionaire by the time he starts shaving.Watch and learn, Gabriel ... is what Halle would say.

'Bad Religion' Guitarist
Gets One Treasured Item in Divorce

Bad Religion guitarist Greg Hetson is finally out of his disastrous marriage, and he's snatching back the one thing he wanted from his ex -- a poster ... that's all.The divorce just became final, and it sounds crazy ... but when Hetson and his ex-wife Alia divvied up their property his ONLY demand was she hand over the poster. He got it, but we have no idea what it is. The poster is so shrouded in mystery, it's only described in the divorce docs as being "framed."Meanwhile, Alia gets artwork, art supplies, a vase collection, and a couple pieces of furniture. According to the docs Hetson won't pay monthly spousal support, but will fork over a one-time lump sum of $23K.We tried contacting Hetson to find out about the poster ... of course he's not talking. Best guess? Gotta be a vintage Farrah.

Guess Who This

Before this bed-ready beauty was the queen of Hollywood she was just another cute little lady posing in her pjs in Brooklyn, New York. Can you guess who she is?!