Sean Stewart

Sean Stewart is ready to fight his landlord in court who is going after him for back rent ... claiming she shamelessly painted over dangerous mold ... mold that made him sick.Stewart's landlord posted an eviction notice on Sean's door July 16, after he failed to pay July rent totaling $2,995. Stewart says he bailed a month ago because of the mold danger.Stewart says he had the money to pay but didn't because it's his legal right ... he complained several times about the mold but all the landlord did was paint over it.  So Sean exercised his right under California law to move out without giving notice ... because the apt. posed a serious health risk.He says he's been feeling weak for months and developed red blisters on his skin ... all because of the mold.We reached out to Stewart's landlord for comment ... so far, no word back.

Amy Winehouse's Mom
Go Ahead, Honor My Daughter With Your Booze & Cigs

Amy Winehouse's fans are marking the 3rd anniversary of her death by trashing her lawn with cigarettes and empty booze bottles ... and Amy's mom tells TMZ it's a fitting tribute.Janis Winehouse says she's totally cool with the random drug and alcohol paraphernalia littering Amy's old house ... in addition to leaving posters, graffiti, candles and photos.Hordes of people have visited the house at 30 Camden Square in London -- where Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning in 2011 -- leaving beer cans, empty bottles of Jack Daniels, Smirnoff and packs of smokes.Janis -- who runs an anti-drug and alcohol foundation with Amy's dad -- says she's not upset by the homage ... in fact, it makes her happy that Amy's fans still care.

'Housewives' Star Aviva Drescher
My Fake Leg Is NOT A Weapon ... Or A Sex Toy!! (VIDEO)

"Real Housewives of New York" star Aviva Drescher doesn't have a leg to stand on ... by claiming she never used her prosthetic appendage as a weapon -- and there's video proving she's lying.We got Drescher outside Sanctuary Hotel in NYC Tuesday night and asked about her EPIC argument on the RHONY season finale ... when she angrily detached her artificial leg and HURLED it toward Heather Thomson.Drescher claims she wasn't trying to hurt anyone with her prosthetic projectile.  But you gotta see her reaction ... when she discovers some guys get their rocks off ... by watching women who take it off ... their leg, that is.

Rich Homie Quan
I Didn't Hit A Fan I Bitch Slapped A Thief!

Rich Homie Quan wasn't lashing out at a fan when he smacked a guy at a concert earlier this month ... he was dishing out justice to a dude he says was TRYING TO ROB HIM.As we reported ... Quan was performing on stage in Racine, Wisconsin July 4 when someone in the crowd grabbed his arm. It appeared the man was trying to pull himself on stage.But a rep for Quan tells TMZ ... the guy wasn't trying to steal the limelight ... he was trying to steal Quan's watch ... right off his wrist. And that's why the rapper knocked him upside the head.Quan himself tells us: "The person that tried to rob me was not one of my fans. My fans are loyal to me. I did what anyone else would do if they were being robbed."

John Milner in
"American Graffiti" 'MEMBA HIM?!

Paul Le Mat is best known for playing the drag racing John Milner -- opposite Ron Howard and Richard Dreyfuss -- in the 1973 film "American Graffiti." Guess what he looks like now!

Naya Rivera
Surprise Wedding! Something Borrowed From Her Ex-Fiancé

"Glee" star Naya Rivera canceled her engagement to Big Sean -- but held on to their planned wedding date. Thank God she found a new groom for the big day!Solo weddings can be so depressing.

Jimmy Choo Founder
Sues Interior Designer Your Work isn't Fit For a Frat House!

The woman who co-founded Jimmy Choo just scored a legal victory against her famous interior designer, claiming he charged her around $2 MILLION for work that "would not be acceptable in a college frat house."Tamara Mellon's designer lawsuit against Martyn Lawrence Bullard -- who appeared on Bravo's "Million Dollar Decorators" -- will NOT be dismissed ... so ruled an L.A. judge on Wednesday.  Mellon claims Bullard is a media whore who flaunts his A-list clientele -- including Christina Aguilera, Cher, Aaron Sorkin and Eva Mendes -- and then grossly overcharges and delivers a shoddy product.Mellon hired Bullard to decorate her swanky NYC apartment and her Hamptons home.  She says when he was done, bookshelves were falling apart, a wall speaker was painted over, wallpaper was peeling off walls, the chandelier was dangling like a death trap, and on and on.  To make matters worse, she claims he was grossly over budget for the Hamptons house and when she complained he said, "I cannot possibly work on a limited budget."Mellon says in her lawsuit -- filed by Eric George --  Bullard had the audacity to charge $35,000 for 8 chairs that he bought from a mall chain store.And get this ... she says he misjudged the size of a piece of marble he ordered for her NYC apartment, so it had to be lifted by crane.  She says he not only charged her to foot the bill for the crane fee, he added a 67% fee for himself.They appeared together -- huggy huggy and kissy kissy -- back in 2011 on Bullard's Bravo show, "Million Dollar Decorators."

Ray J
Rung Up for Alleged Touching of Tatas

Ray J is facing a sexual battery charge over that Bev Hills arrest in May, and now we know it's all because there's a big difference between grazing ass cheeks and grabbing boobs.Ray allegedly went up top -- even though cops originally said it was a case of butt-brushing. How those body parts got confused ... is really confusing.  

Sydney Leathers
Gets Inked for Weinergate Anniversary

The Anthony Weiner scandal just climaxed in the most ridiculous of ways ... Sydney Leathers got a tattoo celebrating the 1st anniversary of her outing the former NY Congressman.It's the number 23, which ... Sydney tells TMZ ... has a special meaning. It was the 23rd of July when she leaked the Weiner photos to the media ... changing her life and his forever.Of course, that new life has been dedicated to porn. And now, as all porn stars eventually do, she's going back to college!A degree in broadcasting you say, Syd? ... Genius.Naturally, to pay for school she's signed a new 3 skin flick deal. So it seems the more things change, the more things stay the same.I believe we can now officially close the book on "As the Leather Turns" for good.You're welcome America. 

Billy Bob Thornton
'Cupcake Wars' Crew Can't Take a Joke

Billy Bob Thornton pissed off the cast of "Cupcake Wars" when he ripped their show -- and reality TV in general -- for being a waste of airtime, but now that they're fighting back ... he's going soft.The actor said a mouthful about the cupcake show on his recently aired episode of "Oprah's Master Class" -- such as, "Seriously, it's not that G** damn dangerous to make a cupcake." But last night when we caught up with Billy Bob he kinda backpedaled, and said the 'Cupcake' peeps need to chill ... he was just trying to be funny. Watch the clip though -- there is one thing he's owning. Fair to say, he won't be tuning in to Food Network anytime soon.Thing is ... Billy's commentary WAS funny as hell. Too bad he's not standing by it.  

President Obama
He's NOT Buying Rancho Mirage House

There are lots of reports circulating that President Obama is in escrow to buy a house in the exclusive Rancho Mirage gated community which the likes of Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope called home -- NOT TRUE.The house in question is listed at $4.25 million and escrow is supposed to close at the end of the month. Sources close to the President who are familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... he and Michelle have never even seen the house and have definitely not made an offer.  What's more ... we're told the Obamas will NOT live in the desert when his presidency ends.And there's this ... the Obamas have relied heavily on their famed interior decorator Michael S. Smith. We're told 6 months ago someone who was looking at the house asked Smith to come along to give his opinion.  We're told Smith made it clear ... he didn't like the house AT ALL.  It's pushed up against the mountain, it doesn't have a lot of light and it's just not that stylish.  The buyer passed.

Ex-NFL Star Fred Davis DISSED EX-GF'S FLAT ASS ... Police Report Says

Former NFL tight end Fred Davis attacked his ex-girlfriend by throwing dirt and flowers at her ... after insulting the shape of her ass ... this according to a police report obtained by TMZ Sports.

Nico & Vinz
'Am I Wrong' Singers ... Yes, We're Black AND Norwegian

Nico & Vinz have one of the hottest songs this summer with "Am I Wrong" ... but most of their fans are probably DEAD wrong -- 'cause they don't realize the guys are from Norway, and they're Black! We ran into the duo in NYC yesterday, and they said they get double-takes all the time -- but the guys (both born in Oslo) want America to know ... it's okay ... there REALLY are black people in Norway. Lots of 'em.Nico and Vinz are pretty charismatic in this clip, but what's disappointing is their taste in summer anthems. We asked 'em to name their faves -- and one of 'em is ... well, let's just say their hit is MUCH better.