Orlando and Miranda -- Bizarre, Billionaire Love Square

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are still tied together ... by the people they appear to have dated. It's a bizarre love square. Let us connect the dots.-- Orlando has been getting cozy in the last few days on a boat in Ibiza with a woman named Erica Packer-- Erica was married to media mogul/billionaire James Packer-- James and Erica separated in September 2013-- Orlando and Miranda separated in October 2013-- Overseas media reported in December ... James was romantically linked to Miranda.  It's interesting, because all 4 of them were friends while the marriages were in tact. -- James and his best friend, David Gyngell, got in a fistfight in May ... during which David confronted James about his treatment of Erica ... and Miranda was mentionedAnd get this ... both James and David were fined $500 each for bad behavior.Orlando should be fined $1000 for throwing a wimpy punch. 

Columbus Short
Partying in the Caribbean Is Criminal!

This picture may be enough to put Columbus Short behind bars. Short chose the Caribbean over court Wednesday.  He had been ordered to appear before a judge in his domestic violence case but was a no show.  The judge issued an arrest warrant.Lo and behold ... Columbus was living large at a festival called Fantasy Barbados ... a Mardi-Gras-like celebration.Nation News on the island got what could be the smoking gun for the judge ... surely enough to throw the book at the former "Scandal" star. 

Shaq & Waka Flaka -- Sued For Mocking Fan on Social Media

Shaquille O'Neal and rapper Waka Flocka Flame just got hit with lawsuits for reposting a photo of a man with a rare disorder and mocking his appearance.Jahmel Binion posted a selfie back in April which Shaq and Waka eventually reposted with mean-spirited captions ... clearly making fun of his face.Jahmel suffers from a disorder called hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia -- it causes limited hair growth, missing teeth, and facial deformities.As we reported ... once Shaq found out about Jahmel's condition he took down the post, got in touch with Jahmel and apologized. He tweeted ... "Made a new friend today when I called and apologized to Jahmel Binion. Great dude. #alwayslearning #MYBADCUZ."Jahmel has now filed a defamation suit against Shaq, Waka, and Utah Jazz guard Trey Burke -- who allegedly threw in his own insults over social media. The lawsuit points out that more than 8.4 million people saw the insults.23-year-old Jahmel told the Macomb Daily in Michigan ... "When they said sorry, I felt like they were saying it to get the pressure off of them for being considered ‘bad people.’”

Hollywood Cops, Prosecutors Stumped Over Drones

Hollywood cops and prosecutors want to go after a guy who flew a drone over the Hollywood police dept., but we've learned they're stumped. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... several people have become a thorn in the side of the LAPD -- trying to expose what they claim are police misdeeds.  One of them flew a drone over the Hollywood Division Tuesday afternoon, shooting video of the parking lot with prisoners and undercover officers.The parking lot is shielded by a wall for security reasons -- so it's not visible from the street.We're told police detectives and lawyers from the L.A. County D.A. and the L.A. City Attorney had a meeting to figure out what criminal laws might have been violated, but they concluded as long as the drone flies lower than 400 feet ... there's nothing they can do.  Anything above is covered by the FAA.One law enforcement source tells TMZ ... they're worried about paparazzi flying over the backyards of celebs and shooting them by the pool or doing various activities.

Justin Bieber
Likes to Go Down Under For Chicks

Justin Bieber clearly has a thing for Australian women ... a day after brawling with Orlando Bloom over Miranda Kerr, Biebs was spotted on a yacht in Ibiza with another Aussie babe, Shanina Shaik.Shaik -- who Instagrammed a few shots from the boat -- was born and raised in Melbourne and has done modeling work for the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Chanel. She dated Tyson Beckford for years until their breakup in 2013.There's no evidence Justin was involved with their split, so he should be safe ... which is good. Tyson is waaaaaaaay bigger than Orlando.

Robin Roberts
Stalker Arrested Threatening Punch to the Face

Robin Roberts was the target of a man who threatened to punch her in the face for not paying a debt ... and now he's behind bars.43-year-old Troy Warren was arrested Monday after showing up at the GMA studio eight times between June 10 and June 24. A security officer told NYPD  ... Warren threatened to punch Robin in the face because she owed him money.Warren has been charged with misdemeanor stalking and harassment.A homeless man with a knife showed up to the same Times Square studio on July 1 and threatened Michael Strahan. He was subdued by security before getting near Strahan.

Lindsay, Chrissy & Gaga
On Full Display

Whether it be from the side or from the front, who doesn't love boobies?Lindsay Lohan served up her side-boobage while on the beach in Ibiza -- while Chrissy Teigen and Lady Gaga opted for a cleavage-bearing tops while out and about (separately) in New York City. Gravity ... it's undefeated.

Vin Diesel Covers 'Stay W/ Me' -- And It's Strangely Enchanting

Vin Diesel is not exactly known for being a singer ... but the guy just covered Sam Smith's hit "Stay with Me" ... and it's absolutely captivating. The action star was doing an interview for his new movie "Guardians of the Galaxy" when Capital FM asked him to belt out a few verses of the song. He's not what you call "classically skilled" ... but he hits the high notes, the low notes  -- and brings some passion that not even Simon Cowell could trash. In other words ... it's beautiful. Damn you, Vin Diesel.Smith was apparently a fan of Diesel's performance, tweeting, "Vin Diesel just covered Stay With Me. Surreal. Thanks man haha."

Selena Gomez -- I Did NOT Bang Orlando Bloom ... It Was Just A Cigarette Break

Selena Gomez says she's never done the nasty with Orlando Bloom ... and she has absolutely zero to do with his raging battle against her ex-BF Justin Bieber.Sources directly connected to Selena tell us ... the reason she was with Orlando back in March is because their manager organized an event for his clients at We Day in Oakland.As for the widely-circulated photo of Orlando and Selena at a Chelsea Handler show in L.A. a few weeks later ... it was nothing more than a smoke break.  They were actually with their respective groups of friends and happened to be next to each other when the pic was snapped. And here's Orlando's speech at the same event.

Tells Fans He's Ridin' His Harley Which VIOLATES DUI Probation

Miguel says he took a sun-drenched ride along the So Cal coast 2 weeks ago on his Harley ... which sounds awesome, except for the fact that his probation prohibits it.Miguel posted a pic of him on the hog with the caption, "Rode down the coast to PV today ... #holdtight #artgang #harleydavidson."The singer is on probation for a DUI conviction in February.  He was to drive ONLY with an interlock device -- where you blow into a tube which then allows the vehicle to start, but only if you're alcohol-free.We're told there's no interlock on his Harley.An official in the L.A. City Attorney's office tells TMZ ... the post alone is not sufficient to trigger a probation violation, because it doesn't catch him in the act of driving. The official warns ... they're on the lookout.

Tim McGraw
Slapping 'Victim' Smacked Singer's Ass Before Bitch Slap

Tim McGraw was incited by the woman he slapped ... because we've obtained new video showing she repeatedly smacked him on the ass before he reached his breaking point.TMZ broke the story ... Tim bitch slapped a fan at an Atlanta concert earlier this month ... after she got handsy and tore his already-ripped jeans.  Tim's problem -- he had shooed her hand away, and even hesitated before walloping her. She's hired a lawyer and apparently wants money ... or else.But the new video shows Jesslyn Taylor aggressively whacked Tim's ass 5 times before the slapping incident.We reached out to Jesslyn's attorney ... so far no word back.Reps for Tim had no comment.

Tara Reid
Seriously ... I Don't Believe in Sharknado Attacks

"Sharknado 2" star Tara Reid is no scientist, but she wants to clarify -- she has enough depth of knowledge about the deep to know a sharknado assault is fiction.Reid was shocked when her GQ quote -- that sharknado attacks are "very rare" -- got taken seriously ... as if she believed it.As for "Sharknado 3" -- she has the low down ... and tells us.

Montel Williams
Barks at 'Homeboy' Obama ... FIX Vets' Medical Problems

An animated Montel Williams pounded his chest, and launched into an epic rant ... calling out President Barack Obama for failing to respond to his petition to fix the VA hospital crisis.Montel -- a 22-year military vet and staunch supporter of our troops -- was pointing fingers straight at the White House ... getting visibly upset about Obama's lack of action to help vets.Montel's not messing around -- his petition has over 100,000 signatures.He officially puts the Prez on blast in this clip ... looking into our camera and shouting, "Sign the papers, homeboy."Your move, Homie-in-Chief.