'Gypsy Sisters' Star
Stepson Stabbed to Death

Rocky Stanley -- the stepson of "Gypsy Sisters" star Nettie Stanley -- was stabbed to death Monday night after an altercation in the parking lot of a YMCA.  According to Kingsport PD in Tennessee, 22-year-old Rocky (whose real name is Huey) was involved in a fight over a basketball game. He was rushed to the hospital with multiple stab wounds and died a short time later. Police recovered the murder weapon and were able to ID a suspect, Zachary Morris Gardner ... who turned himself in to police Tuesday morning. He was arrested for first degree murder.   Rocky never appeared on "Gypsy Sisters" -- but Nettie and his father star on the TLC reality show.

Dave Chappelle
Drunken Idiot Arrested After Throwing Banana Peel

Dave Chappelle was the victim of a drunken racist attack during a New Mexico show -- a guy in the crowd threw a banana peel at him ... and got thrown in jail for it. Santa Fe cops busted Christian Englander after he hit Chappelle in the leg with the banana on Monday night. Not shockingly ... police say he appeared to be wasted, and confessed to doing it. He was booked for battery and disorderly conduct. Meanwhile, Chappelle seemed to brush it off -- according to fans at the venue, he used the ignorant attack as material in his show.

David Lee Roth
Who Gave Me This Bloody Nose? Oh Right, It Was Me!

// David Lee Roth has no one to blame but himself for that bloody gash he had on his nose during "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" ... because he whacked himself during his signature mic stand trick. Roth and the rest of Van Halen reunited for an epic performance on "Kimmel" Monday night, but the sanitized version that aired didn't tell the whole story.  During the initial performance of "Panama" ... Roth hit himself in the face with his mic stand while twirling it, leaving a cut across the bridge of his nose. He kept going, eventually walking offstage to grab a towel. He then patched it up with a band-aid and did the song again. That's the version that aired.  The show must go on. //

Muhammad Ali

"The Greatest" has picked a side in the fight of the century -- with Muhammad Ali's daughter telling TMZ Sports, "My dad is Team Pacquiao all the way!" We spoke with Rasheda Ali -- who's very close with her dad -- and she tells us, "My dad really likes Manny. He's a huge fan of his." "He knows Manny's a great fighter ... but it's more about what he does outside the ring. He's such a charitable person." Rasheda says Manny and her father have been friends for years -- and he even came to Muhammad's 70th birthday party back in 2012.  As for Floyd Mayweather, Rasheda tells us her dad respects him as a fighter -- but says he and Muhammad are two VERY different people.   "My dad stood for things. Mayweather ... I don't think there's a comparison." Unfortunately, Muhammad won't be attending the fight in Vegas ... but Rasheda says he wouldn't miss it for the world.  "There's no question he's going to order it. It takes my dad way back to when he was fighting."

Tara Reid
Let's Get Wasted, Stranger And Ink My Name On Your Body!

// Tara Reid accompanied a total stranger to a Hollywood tattoo parlor so he could get her name tattooed on his arm, but luckily for Tara ... she wasn't drunk enough to return the favor.   Reid and this guy (good luck trying to understand him when he slurs his name) met on a flight back from Ultra in Miami, and clearly they both enjoyed a few cocktails along the way.  We figured out the guy is DJ Crichy Crich -- and for some reason he and Tara thought it was a good idea to go straight from the airport to the tattoo parlor.  Unlike hangovers, that tat is pretty permanent.

The Game
He Threatened to Shoot Me Hoops KO Was Self Defense [VIDEO]

TMZ obtained video of The Game unloading a punch on an opposing player during a pick-up basketball game -- but we're told the guy threatened to unload a gun in Game's ass before the fight. Sources connected to Game tell us the rapper says the punchee started things by throwing an elbow at Game ... who responded by elbowing him right back. Then it got really heated -- Game claims the guy said don't make me go to my gym bag because ... "I got that thing." The clear hint was the guy had a gun. What happened next was a case of punch or be punched -- we're told Game is saying the guy raised his fist first, and that's when Game threw his Tyson-tatted right hand.  The video doesn't appear to back up Game's claim about the guy being first to make a fist. Game denies making any death threats as the victim claimed to cops. Police are still investigating.

'CSI' Star Jon Wellner Divorce
My Wife Should Quit Acting And Get A REAL Job

"CSI" star Jon Wellner has called it quits on his marriage after 7 years, and says it's time his wife gave up on her acting, got off her ass and started working. According to the divorce docs ... Jon says his wife, Whitney Wellner, hasn't made it as an actress and probably never will ... he's asking the courts to force her into pulling down a full-time job. Whitney lists her credits like "Save the Last Dance" -- released in 2001. She also got a guest gig on "CSI" last year, but he insinuates it was a case of nepotism. Whitney fires back in her legal docs, saying he obviously thought she was good enough to appear on his show. She's presumably gunning for spousal support, and it's gonna be hard for her to live without it. While she says he makes $20k an episode, she pulls in $12 a month in residuals. Who knew they were still playing "Save the Last Dance"?

Taylor Swift
Go Take a Hike Then Dine on Asian Delight

// Taylor Swift hit up Katsuya in Hollywood Monday night without her Calvin ... but she brought along one of her good friends. Swift and Fifth Harmony singer Camila Cabello chowed down together and left without saying much, but she looks great. Before dinner ... Taylor went for a hike in L.A., getting some musical inspiration along the way. We doubt her playlist was about Calvin Harris ... too early for that.

'Jerry Springer' Producer
Cops Believe Sister's Death Wasn't Suicide It Was Murder

"Jerry Springer" producer Jill Blackstone did not carry out her sister's wish to end her life -- she murdered her ... at least that's what law enforcement now believes. Our law enforcement sources say Wendy Blackstone -- who was deaf and partially blind -- did not want to end her life. During the initial stage of the investigation we're told cops thought this might have been a double suicide plan where Jill backed out at the last minute, but now they believe it's simple murder. TMZ broke the story ... Wendy was found dead in their garage and Jill had severe carbon monoxide poisoning from a lit barbecue in their closed garage. We're now told in addition to the coals under the grill, there was a metal trash can filled with charcoal which had also burned. Cops determined early on ... the suicide note found in Wendy's hand was not written by her ... they believe Jill wrote it. Blackstone was arrested for murder earlier this month but the D.A. felt there wasn't enough evidence to make a case, so prosecutors sent it back to the LAPD for further investigation. In the meantime, Jill remains free. But now we're told ... after more probing, the cops firmly believe it was murder.

Guess Who This

Before this copper topped teen was an international musician she was just another cute kid in a turtleneck posing for a photo in McAlester, Oklahoma. Can you guess who she is?!

French Montana
I Was Just Sippin' Ciroc On Diddy's Sea-Doo

French Montana was not under the influence of alcohol when he was photographed drinking Ciroc from the bottle while cruising on one of Diddy's Sea-Doos ... so claim people close to the rapper. As we previously reported ... French was in Miami Beach Saturday, catching some rays and drinking vodka. It's not illegal in Florida to drink while boating, but it IS illegal to drink to the point that the driver is impaired. Although our French sources insist he "was not f***** up," Khloe posted a pic around the same time showing her crew -- including French -- on Diddy's roof with the caption, "The Ciroc made us do it!! #StepIntoTheCircle."

Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao
Broker Selling Ringside Seats ... For $87,000 Each!!

A high-end NY-based "hospitality service" says it has the very first authentic ringside seats to the Mayweather vs.Pacquiao fight ... and they could be yours for $87,500-a-pop!!!  TMZ Sports spoke with Oren Schneider -- the head of Precision Concierge New York (PCNY) -- who tells us he has 39 tickets to the fight ... ranging from upper level to ringside seats.  The prime seats -- $87,500 for 6th row ringside ... but he only has two at the moment.  So, how did he get the seats since tickets have NOT gone on sale to the general public? Oren says he knows some very powerful people connected to the fight.  We called reps for the MGM Grand, Top Rank (Pacquiao's promoters) and TMT (Mayweather's people) who all told us the same thing -- it's possible the tickets are legit, but they didn't come from them.  As far as PCNY's legitimacy goes ... they've been registered as a legit business in New York since 2011 ... and we've spoken with several entertainment industry people who vouched for 'em.  That being said, here are some of the other prices:  (2) Lower 13 Row G @ $42,500 each (center ring)(2) Lower 13 Row M @ $36,500 each (center ring)(2-4) Lower 15 Row M @ $23,500 each (just off center ring)(2-5) Lower 15 Row T @ $16,000 each (just off center ring)(2-4) Lower 14 Row W @ $14,650 each (just off row R @ $12,500 each (corner)(2-4) Lower 19 Row X @ $10,100 each (corner ring)(2-4) Upper 209 Row L @ $7,850 each (corner to ringside)(2-4) Lower 5 Row R @ $12,500 each (corner)(2-4) Lower 19 Row X @ $10,100 each (corner ring)(2-4) Upper 209 Row L @ $7,850 each (corner to ringside) Hope you saved up. 

Destiny's Child
Battle for Center Stage at Reunion [TMZ TV]

// It finally happened ... all the Destiny’s Child members coming together for the first time in -- well, not that long actually, but it was still awesome! So awesome that Beyonce even surrendered that coveted middle spot! Just for a few seconds, but y'know ... baby steps.