Teresa Giudice
Will Serve Her Time At 'OITNB' Prison

Teresa Giudice's prison life is officially headed down a familiar path ... because a N.J. judge ordered the reality TV star to serve her time behind the bars made famous by "Orange Is The New Black."After her request to spend 12 of her 15 months at a halfway house was denied ... Teresa got the news Wednesday that she'll be headed to the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, CT.Strangely enough, on "OITNB" ... lead character Piper Chapman is similarly sentenced to 15 months at Danbury ... for money laundering.Teresa's been begging the judge for weeks not to send her to Danbury ... which the show depicts as being one of the worst prisons in the U.S.Don't drop the soap, Teresa!

'La Bamba' Star Elizabeth Pena
Died From Alcohol Abuse

Elizabeth Pena -- who became famous playing Ritchie Valens' brother's baby mama in "La Bamba" -- died from complications from alcohol abuse.According to the death certificate -- obtained by TMZ -- Pena suffered from cirrhosis of the liver "due to alcohol."  She had the disease for months, but it became acute shortly before her death.The death certificate says the 55-year-old had acute gastrointestinal bleeding hours before her death, which caused her heart to stop.Pena died October 14th at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A.

Britney Spears
I Got a New Vegas Deal I Make Celine Money Now!

Britney Spears was doing well with her Vegas contract -- raking in nearly $30 mil for 2 years ... but we just found out, 50 shows into her run, her show was so successful she got an even sweeter deal.Sources connected to Britney tell TMZ ... the singer did indeed sign a contract for $310K per performance, and with 96 concerts over 2 years the total was $29,760,000. But Planet Hollywood was blown away by ticket sales, which they said broke Vegas records. So Britney's people went back to the bargaining table and hashed out an amendment -- with back end, merchandising and other perks,  the singer will earn around $475,000 a show.  Celine Dion, the top money earner in Vegas, makes $476K a show.  Planet Hollywood actually added shows for Britney ... she'll now do 140 shows during the 2-year residency.Bottom line ... with all her ventures ... we're told EVERY WEEK, Britney's people deposit around 1 MILLION DOLLARS in her bank account.

Perri 'Pebbles' Reid -- TLC Movie is Full of Lies ... And Ruined Me!

TLC's ex-manager is a conniving, dishonest businesswoman who hoodwinked 3 innocent girls -- that's how it looked in a TV movie about the group ... and the ex-manager is now gunning for justice.Perri "Pebbles" Reid claims in a new lawsuit ... the TV flick, "CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story" assassinated her character by portraying her as a liar and a cheat, when actually she invested her time and money as TLC's manager and created one of the best-selling female groups of all time.Pebbles says the film falsely depicts her as pressuring Chilli to get an abortion ... pushing T-Boz to put the group ahead of her health ... and doling out a measly $25/wk for the girls.Reid says the film -- which first aired a year ago and several times since -- destroyed her reputation, and she's suing for $40 million.

'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer
I'm Raising My Kid with the Baby Mama

"X-Men" director Bryan Singer will raise his baby with the woman who is carrying it ... TMZ has learned.Turns out, sources familiar with the situation tell us ... Michelle Clunie will raise the baby as her own after he or she is born. She will be listed as the mother on the birth certificate. She is NOT a surrogate.We're told Bryan and Michelle have been friends for years and he's wanted this baby for a long time.Our sources say the 2 are not romantically involved, but rather extremely close friends.Contrary to reports, we're told Michelle will not get paid for carrying the baby, but Bryan will cover living expenses ... which is roughly equivalent to informal child support. He's already purchased a place for her to live just doors down from his West Hollywood home.And our sources say ... the decision to have a baby was made long before Michael Egan accused Singer of molesting him when he was a minor. Egan dropped his lawsuit against Singer.

Mark Wahlberg's Wife
Ripped by 'Cancer' Patient In Parking Spot War [VIDEO]

Mark Wahlberg's wife got into a bizarre war over a Beverly Hills parking spot -- and her rival even played the cancer card to shame her ... but you gotta see the twist because we're not sure who's in the wrong.  The driver of a black SUV went off on Rhea Durham ... claiming Mark's wife swooped in and stole a curbside parking spot out from under her. Once Rhea walked away, the woman told our camera guy she's a breast cancer patient, and she was trying to get to her doctor for a chemo treatment.Watch ... the sob story does make Rhea look heartless -- until we find out why the driver was REALLY there. Let's just say it turns out she wasn't going to the doctor at that moment ... and her sympathy points are shaky at best.Still, IF Rhea really stole the spot (there's no video proof) -- major faux pas.

'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer
I'm Havin' a Baby

"X-Men" director Bryan Singer is having a baby ... and the baby mama is his longtime friend ... TMZ has confirmed.Michelle Clunie is now living a few houses away from Singer ... something he clearly wanted because he bought the West Hollywood pad so she could be close to him.Our sources say she's around 7 months pregnant.We're also told the decision to have a baby has nothing to do with the recent accusations by a man who claimed Singer sexually assaulted him when he was a minor ... something Singer denies.  The accuser dropped his lawsuit against Singer.

Blake Griffin ALLEGEDLY BITCH-SLAPPED CLUBGOER ... Cops Investigating

Blake Griffin has been accused of bitch-slapping a 39-year-old man inside a nightclub in Vegas this weekend ... TMZ Sports has learned.Here's what we know ... a man named Daniel says he was partying at Tao nightclub in the Venetian in the early hours of October 19th when he tried to take a cell phone pic of the crowd.According to a statement Daniel gave to Tao security, the man says Blake (who was partying at the club with his L.A. Clippers teammates) was bothered by the flash of the camera -- and "grabbed my phone with one hand."Daniel says he didn't let go of the phone because his ID and credit card were attached to it -- so Blake grabbed his neck and began to squeeze while demanding Daniel give up his phone "or else."According to the statement, the two eventually separated after Blake took the phone -- and when Daniel tried to ask for it back, Blake struck again ... grabbing his neck and squeezing for a second time.Daniel says when security finally got to the scene -- Blake told them, "Get him the f**k out of this club."Daniel says Blake then "slapped me in the right side of my face."After he left the club, Daniel filed a battery report with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department.  He says cops came to his hotel the next day and spoke with him for about an hour.So far, attempts to reach Blake for comment have been unsuccessful.Story developing ...

Jennifer Lopez Makes Vegas Deal Better than Britney's

Jennifer Lopez is in the final stages of making a deal to perform in Vegas ... and according to the contract -- obtained by TMZ -- she'll rake in more per show than Britney Spears.Jennifer is being offered a whopping $350K per show at The Axis at Planet Hollywood ... the same place Britney is performing.Britney is making a paltry $310K a show.But Britney will ultimately score more than JLo because her contract provides she'll do 96 shows over 2 years. JLo will do 72 shows, 3 times a week for 24 weeks over a 1 or 2 year period -- the contract leaves that open.So, in the end, Britney is guaranteed $29,760,000 for the 2-year run. JLo will be guaranteed $26,383,326.It's all chump change compared to Celine Dion ... who does 70 shows a year and gets $33,320,000.

Bravo Star Geneva Thomas
Arrested for Violent Bottle-Cracking

11:50 AM PT -- Turns out the victim was Geneva's co-star Melyssa Ford ... whose rep tells us Ford had to get 3 staples to close the wound on her head -- and also cut her feet on the broken glass.Bravo star Geneva Thomas has perfected her skills of being an out-of-control reality show bitch ... by getting arrested Tuesday night after cracking a bottle over a chick's head.Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Thomas was on a boat in NYC during a shoot for her show, "Blood, Sweat and Heels."  We're told she got into an argument with another woman and her choice of weapon was a vodka bottle, which connected with the other lady's head. The injured woman was taken to a hospital where she was stitched up.As for Thomas ... she was arrested for felony assault.Thomas had a less violent run-in last month ... getting arrested for skipping out on an $18 cab fare.

TMZ Live
Tori Spelling: Quarantined in Hospital... Ebola Panic Begins!

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Lindsay Lohan -- My Presidential Candidate Has a Chopper Filled with Coke!

Lindsay Lohan says she has a good reason for supporting a presidential candidate in Brazil ... she says her "Brazilian contacts" like the guy -- a guy whose company owned a chopper filled with tons of coke.Lindsay tweeted, "I support @aecioNeves, for presidential candidature.  His platform brings positive changes in Brazil."Lindsay took a beating for getting involved in anyone's politics for obvious reasons.  But a source connected with LiLo tells TMZ, she's supporting the guy because "she has plenty of contacts there and has several business trips to the country."  The source also says she has a "good contact" in Brazil who likes Neves a lot.Here's what Lindsay's 8.5 million followers need to know.  Neves owns a company that owns a helicopter that was seized by the federal police ... seized because it was carrying 4.5 TONS of cocaine.It's unclear if Lindsay supports Neves because he's a good guy or just throws a good party.

Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow may have figured out the whole divorcing thing ... figured it out better than most, because they still genuinely seem to have affection -- if not love -- for each other.Chris, Gwyneth and their 2 kids went to Katsuya in Brentwood for dinner Tuesday night. They left separately ... Gwyneth and the kids in an SUV, leaving Chris behind.But the SUV drives a block from the restaurant and then stops.  Chris sprints over to his family, and then you see a touch that tells a real story about the relationship that remains between the two.For all of the warring divorce couples ... watch and learn.