Nick Cannon
I'm the One Who Left the Relationship NOT MARIAH

Nick Cannon is the one who decided to bail on his marriage -- not Mariah -- sources connected with the couple tell TMZ.Nick has made it clear to all involved ... he's deeply concerned about Mariah's emotional state and is ending the marriage for the well being of their kids. He believes the environment around Mariah is toxic and fears for his kids.  We're told Nick believes his kids have already shown signs of emotional upset living with Mariah.Our sources say Nick's MO is simple ... he wants to create an environment separate from Mariah that gives the kids a safe haven from the "chaos" at her home. Nick is also telling his people he's deeply concerned about Mariah's mental health and believes her people don't care about anything but her ability to make money and pay their salaries.And finally we're told Nick is taking a "passive" role in the divorce ... telling his lawyers to take the path of least resistance to end things as peacefully as possible.

'Friday' Star John Witherspoon
Robin Williams Was A Coke Fiend

John Witherspoon has thrown cold water on the homages to Robin Williams ... saying he was a hardcore junkie.Witherspoon -- who played the grandfather in "Friday" -- worked with Robin back in 1977 on the set of "The Richard Pryor Show" ... and tells us not only was Robin an addict, but that he even stole his coke right out from under him.John actually cracked a cocaine joke describing Robin's prior penchant for coke.

Stars and Scars
You Be the Judge

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are done.  But it seems Kevin Hart and his ex-wife are never done.  So we gotta ask ...

Nicki Minaj
Anaconda Bites Dancer During VMA Rehearsal

A 6-foot long snake -- believed to be an anaconda -- just bit a dancer during a VMA run-through for Sunday's show ... TMZ has learned.Nicki Minaj was on stage performing her hit, "Anaconda" when a female dancer was bit by the reptile in front of everyone.We're told the dancer has just been taken to the hospital where she's being treated.Anacondas are non-venomous snakes but often transmit bacteria that can lead to serious infections.The snake was removed from the stage in a container.It's unclear if the show will 86 the snake for the live telecast.

Ex-College Football Star -- ALLEGED SERIAL RAPIST ... Busted In Oklahoma

A former college football star -- who later became a police officer -- was arrested in Oklahoma City after officials say he's suspected of raping multiple women over the past 5 months ... while on duty.

'Work For Diddy' Contestant
Gives Birth In Back Seat Of Car (AMAZING VIDEO)

Sean "Diddy" Combs' let one of his reality show contestants slip through his hands ... because she's got real talent -- FILMING HERSELF GIVE BIRTH IN A CAR.Brianna Smith -- who lost Season 1 of "I Wanna Work For Diddy" -- was racing to a Houston hospital with her hubby in the middle of the night when the kid starting popping out.She had her phone out and made the most of the moment ... shooting the horrendous beautiful moment of birth.The kid's name is Theodore Roosevelt Smith IV ... which is perfect, because he's already had a rough ride.

Instagram's Best Butts

With the surge of big-booty stars like Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea and Kim Kardashian it's no surprise famous people are taking to the web to put their backsides on blast!Can you guess which celebs are the proud owners of these instagram assets?!

Shia LaBeouf
CALLS 911 There's a Strange Chick 'In My House!'

Shia LaBeouf called 911 after coming face-to-face with an intruder at his L.A. home ... and you hear Shia scream at the strange woman, "Don't touch me!."LaBeouf -- who sounds relatively calm -- tells dispatchers a woman who'd been stalking him for weeks was right at his door.Cops arrested 31-year-old Graciela Nahle.  Law enforcement tells us ... she's been there twice ... both times skulking around.Nahle copped a quick plea after last weeks' arrest .... no contest to trespassing. She was sentenced to 45 days in jail ... but she was out in just 4 days.  She's also been ordered to stay far away from LaBeouf.   Good luck with that.

Petra Ecclestone
Million Dollar Shopping Spree For 3 Cars!

Petra Ecclestone just dropped a million bucks on 3 cars parked in the driveway of her massive L.A. mansion ... which seems odd for someone who's selling the place and moving to England, right?Petra -- whose dad Bernie is a billionaire Formula One honcho and her hubby James Stunt who is also a billionaire -- is now the proud owner of a $600K Lamborghini Aventador convertible ... a $422K Rolls Royce Phantom ... and a Range Rover Autobiography that goes for $190K.Celeb consultant Richie Rich hand delivered the wheels from Exotic Euro Cars.TMZ broke the story ... Petra went to 5 L.A. realtors and told them she wanted to sell the crib for $110 million -- making it the biggest sale in L.A. history -- because she was going back to the UK.But we're told she's now decided the estate is worth $150 million, so until she gets it she's staying put.

Cops Investigating SeaWorld Stunt Prosecution Likely

The California Highway Patrol is investigating Steve-O for breaking the law during his SeaWorld protest.Steve-O essentially made a video confession ... giving a blow-by-blow of how he defaced a public sign on the 5 Freeway which leads to the theme park.Caltrans was pissed ... got the CHP involved and now Steve-O could face criminal charges -- defacing public property.Our sources say ... it's likely the case will be referred to prosecutors and Steve-O will be charged. Steve-O tells us, "Go ahead and charge me, Sea World Sucks!"

Chief Keef
Too Busy for Court Cops on the Hunt

Chief Keef should call Columbus Short in jail ... so Short can explain to him if you blow off court you get thrown in the pokey.Keef was otherwise occupied and didn't show for his DUI hearing in Highland Park, IL ... it's not much of a case -- he admitted to cops he was smoking before taking the wheel.So now the 19-year-old is a wanted man and when cops catch him he'll have to post $50K bail for the jail bars to open.Keef has an impressive list of misdeeds for a teen -- failure to pay child support, a Chicago shooting incident and a stint in rehab for marijuana. He's been jailed twice on pot-related offenses.

Scott Weiland Doppelganger -- Like Looking in a Mirror

On a purely visual level ... it's understandable how Beverly Hills cops got fooled by the guy claiming to be former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott WeilandJason Michael Hurley -- the guy who claimed he was Scott after getting busted for stealing razors and meth possession -- is the singer's spitting image.In fact ... before his arrest he was boasting his attempt to create a cover band called Stone Tempered Pilots.As we reported ... cops took Hurley at his word that he was Weiland ... and he was so convincing jailers put him in the celeb wing for 3 weeks and never had a doubt he was the famous singer.

NFL Rookie Mike Evans -- INSANE NIGHTCLUB BRAWL ... Throws Punches at Bouncers

Tampa Bay Bucs rookie wide receiver Mike Evans was in the middle of an INSANE nightclub brawl -- fighting bouncers in the street ... and TMZ Sports has the footage. It all went down outside Dream Nightclub ... where the #7 overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft was screaming at bouncers. We're told Evans had been partying inside the club moments before the video begins. The person who shot the video tells TMZ Sports the footage was captured Saturday night. However, Mike's agent insists the incident took place back in March. While Evans -- who just turned 21 yesterday -- unloads on the staff, a person who appears to be in Mike's entourage throws a punch at a bouncer ... and that's when all hell breaks loose.During the melee, Mike gets knocked out of frame ... but comes running back into the center of the madness ... throwing a haymaker. He continues to throw punches -- while bobbing and weaving like the superstar athlete that he is. Despite the presence of several men wearing "police" vests -- we're told Mike was not arrested. In fact, we're told NO ONE was arrested. According to the nightclub's website, you have to be 21 to enter -- and Mike was only 20 at the time of the incident. We reached out to Mike's rep and the Bucs. So far, no word back. 1:36 PM PT -- Mike's GF posted a photo of the couple back in March, wearing the same clothes they were in on the night of the fight. It's pretty clear, this thing went down in March.