Impact Wrestling
Cancelled By Spike TV

TNA Wrestling's flagship show "Impact Wrestling" could soon be without a home -- Spike TV quietly let the league know it's not renewing their TV contract … TMZ has learned. Multiple sources with direct knowledge of the deal ... tell us Spike execs contacted TNA President Dixie Carter late last week to break the news -- and the following day Carter informed members of her inner circle.TNA's current deal with Spike reportedly runs through October. It's unclear at this point when "Impact Wrestling" will stop airing on Spike.We're told there's no bad blood, and Spike gave TNA such advance notice so it would have time to shop for a new TV deal. TNA's show debuted on Spike TV in October 2005 -- and helped the league rise to #2 on the wrestling scene … behind the WWE. We've called TNA and Spike for comment  ... so far, no word back. 

Young Money
Yes, We're In Business w/ Ronaldo

Young Money Entertainment is definitely in business with Cristiano Ronaldo ... this according to a rep for Lil Wayne's company ... who tells TMZ Sports they already have a project together set for this week. TMZ Sports broke the story ... Weezy is starting his own sports management company and Ronaldo is client numero uno. Ronaldo tweeted that there will be NO changes to his current management team -- which we're told is partially true ... no one is getting fired. He's just adding Young Money to handle branding, marketing and other sports management issues in the United States. In fact, a rep for Young Money tells us Wayne and Ronaldo are 100% working together.Stay tuned ...

Producer Mally Mall
I'm Siding With Palestine

Hip hop producer Mally Mall is taking a stand in the raging conflict between Israel and Palestine ... he's siding with "the victims."The man who played a key role in bringing peace between Chris Brown and Drake is following in the footsteps of Joan Rivers ... only M.M.says he's siding with Palestine, "the victim right now."The rapper quickly followed up by telling us he's not supporting the terrorists, just the kids who are dying in Gaza.He also says it's a shame ... because the Muslims and the Jews have so much in common.

Comic Con Accident
'Zombies' Say They Were Peaceful

The zombies in the annual march outside of Comic Con say the guy who ran someone over is lying to police ... because his claim about undead walkers attacking before the accident is total crap! According to eyewitness -- who look like "Walking Dead" extras -- the driver was trying to get through the mob of people while honking his horn and yelling he had somewhere to be.We're told two spectators sat on the driver's hood in protest -- but they weren't zombies -- and the car lurched forward -- presumably to scare them off. The other guy on the hood became angry and started punching the driver's windshield -- so the car drove off ... accidentally hitting the victim and rolling over her arm in the process.As we previously reported ... police say no arrests have been made, but they're investigating.

Lily Allen
Police Investigation Launched Over Prank Handcuff Pic

Australian police have launched an investigation over a picture of cops handcuffing Lily Allen. The Australian Federal Police say officers were escorting Allen through Gold Coast Airport when she jokingly asked one of the cops to handcuff her ... and she posted the picture on Instagram.The AFP wasn't happy about it and launched an investigation ... acknowledging protocols were breached   but then kind of justifying it by saying the officers were "caught in the moment."  It's unclear if police contacted Lily, but she decided to delete the pic from her Instagram.

Aretha Franklin
P-I-S-S-E-D At Johnny Rockets

Aretha Franklin had a malt-down at a Johnny Rockets in Niagara Falls ... after one of it servers screamed at her for trying to eat her takeout order inside the restaurant.  Franklin ordered a burger to go from the popular chain after her sold out show Tuesday ... then sat down to eat ... and that's when she claims the server went off, saying her conduct violated the take-out policy.Franklin said the worker was "very rude, unprofessional and nasty."Johnny Rockets is contrite ... apologizing for the actions of the new employee ... adding the server has been spoken to and educated on its takeout policies.Chain of fools.

Comic Con
Zombie Walk Turns Violent Woman Hit By Car When Crowd Goes Berserk

A bunch of morons dressed as zombies attacked a car outside Comic Con last night -- smashing the windshield and scaring the family inside -- with the driver ultimately RUNNING OVER a woman as he tried to drive away. San Diego PD says ... the insane scene unfolded during the annual "Zombie Walk" -- where people dress up as the undead and stumble down the street. But during the "walk" ... the zombies approached a car stopped at an intersection and began ATTACKING the vehicle ... despite the fact there was a family inside ... including two small children. Cops say the zombies began beating on the car -- with someone even jumping on the hood and smashing the windshield. Turns out ... every family member in the car is deaf -- and cops say they began to get scared. The driver tried to punch it out of there and drive away and struck a 64-year-old woman in the process. The woman -- who was NOT in the zombie march -- was hospitalized with a possible broken arm. Police say no arrests have been made so far -- but they're investigating. Zombies -- no frickin' brains.

'Major Crimes' Star
Twitter Criminal Wishes Him Death On Malaysian Jet

"Major Crimes" star Graham Patrick Martin is being terrorized by a cyber stalker who wished him a violent death aboard one of the doomed Malaysian jets.Someone has created a Twitter account with Martin's name ... using a different middle initial but making it appear it's the actor's official Twitter account.  The impostor is going to town, sending more than 100 tweets a day, in one case tweeting, "How unlucky I wasn't on board Flight 370."The fake Martin also wrote, "I sure have the likability of a Hitler youth."  And the fraud is also bashing the real Martin's girlfriend, tweeting, "I think it's sad dat now at her 30s whore doesn't look older than 80, but tomorrow she'll look like infinity."The guy has been sending more than 100 tweets a day. Twitter shut down the account but the guy just fired up a new one.The 22-year-old actor has gone to the LAPD asking for help.  He's worried people are confusing the impostor for him, which is hurting his image and scaring him and his family.LAPD just executed a search warrant on Twitter to get info allowing them to track the guy down and arrest him.

Daniel Bryan Burglary
I Would Have Killed the Thief ... Says Ex-WWE Wrestler

Former WWE tag team Crime Time says Daniel Bryan had every right to subdue one of the guys who broke into his home this week, and added … if it had been his crib, the thief would be dead.Shad Gaspard and JTG were hanging out at Comic Con in San Diego when we asked them about the Thursday night break-in at former WWE champion Daniel Bryan's home.Shad kept it simple saying, "If you step into my house, with my family you're dead.  I don't care."

Ex-'RHONJ' Star Danielle Staub
Sex Tape Partner Gets Screwed In Bankruptcy

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Danielle Staub will probably get the cold shoulder the next time she shops at Nordstrom ... because she just screwed them over in bankruptcy court ... and she royally screwed the guy in her sex tape in the unforgettable onion bagel scene.Staub got a sweet deal in bankruptcy court, excusing more than $200,000 in debt.  Among those who are saying bye bye to their money ... Sex tape partner Stephen Zalewski won't get $100K from his defamation lawsuit against her.In addition to Nordstrom, which is out more than $7K ... Ford is saying bye bye to $3K, American Express is out more than $7K. and her lawyers are out more than $30K ... but no one feels sorry for them.Finally for Danielle ... a clean discharge.

What's The Big Frigin'

We've buried some sneaky differences in these seemingly identical images...  Do you think you have what it takes to excavate this egyptian goddess for the hidden Hathaway hieroglyphics?**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above photographs!** 

'Queen of Versailles' Jackie Siegel
Lasers Scorched My Face (Horrifying Photos)

Jackie Siegel's face turned into an even bigger disaster than her nightmare of a mansion -- featured in the famous "Queen of Versailles" documentary -- when she suffered a major allergic reaction to a laser treatment. Jackie looked like an over-cooked lobster when she got home from a skin rejuvenation session in Orlando. She tells TMZ the plan was to celebrate the end of her long-running lawsuit over the docu about her and husband David Siegel's attempt to build the biggest mansion in the U.S.Siegel FREAKED when she saw her face, and went back to the doc, who assured her everything was okay. She says it took a long, painful week for the swelling to go down, but her face did return to normal.They should be so lucky with Versailles. Jackie says they're STILL building and it's scheduled to be done next year. 

LA Hair Fight -- Fight Erupts Between Lisa and Naja

Two hairdressers threw down in an explosive chick fight on the reality show "L.A. Hair" -- all because one has repeatedly confused the other for a man. Naja Rickette and Lisa Buford came to blows on the episode that aired Thursday night ... after Buford got fed up with Rickette telling others she looks like a dude. Buford got in Rickette's face and yelled, "Can you see my Adam's Apple now?" -- aaaaaaaaaand, fight! Plenty of punching, shoving and, of course, hair-pulling (long-haired chicks never win these things). Based on this video -- both chicks have balls.