Miley Cyrus
Hospitalized For Severe Allergic Reaction

Miley Cyrus is in the hospital ... after a sudden and apparently severe allergic reaction to medicine.Miley was in Kansas City for a concert Tuesday night on her Bangerz tour.  It appears Miley was at the arena -- the Sprint Center -- when she fell ill.  We're told she had a bad reaction to antibiotics.Doctors ordered her on bed rest immediately.Here's what's interesting ... A TMZ employee happens to be in Kansas City and just texted us an hour ago telling us Miley was out shopping with her mom ... so it seems whatever reaction she had was sudden.The concert has been cancelled.  She also cancelled her concert last Monday in Charlotte due to the flu.

Justin Bieber
Taquitos Muy Bueno Quando Estoy Drogado

We don't know for sure if Justin Bieber was stoned Sunday ... who are we kidding, he dropped more than $240 on fast Mexican food -- of course he was.Justin and crew rolled up to celebrity hotspot Pinches Tacos on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood on his way to Coachella and dropped $185 on a South of the boarder feast, consisting of: -- 13 steak tacos-- 9 chicken tostadas-- 8 chicken tacos-- 3 taco plates-- 1 steak burrito-- 1 chicken burrito-- 4 orders of chips and salsa-- 10 bottles of water-- 9 Mexican sodasJustin waited in a Mercedes van while someone from his crew picked up the grub and left a $55 tip, on Justin's credit card.Ese Pinches Bieber.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Manhandled ... like a Bitch At Coachella

Forget dancing lessons, Leonardo DiCaprio needs SPARRING lessons -- because his friend made easy work of him during a play fight at Coachella this weekend ... and the video is hilarious.Leo was hanging with friends at Diddy's Revolt party Sunday -- we're told the boys got rowdy and somehow Leo ended up locking horns with a friend ... a friend who happens to have a background in MMA.It's harmless roughhousing -- but Leo never stood a chance. He's lucky his friend didn't pull the "stop hitting yourself" thing.You gotta see it.

NFL Draft Prospects
THE BRUTAL INJURIES In Alleged Nightclub Beatdown

You're looking at the battered face of the man at the center of the NYPD assault investigation involving 2 NFL draft prospects ... and it's clear, the guy took a helluva beating.

Kris Jenner
Hires Round-the-Clock Security After Stalker Makes Stink

Kris Jenner's taking no chances after Kim Kardashian came face-to-face with a stinky stalker outside the Jenner home last month -- Kris has now hired 24/7 security.Kardashian sources tell TMZ, guards are parked outside the family home in 2 vehicles which monitor her Hidden Hills estate 24 hours a day -- and the guards are ARMED.We're told she's paying several thousand bucks a month for the hired muscle.Kris has had her share of scares over the last year -- threatening phone calls, paparazzi intruders, SWAT pranks -- but the stinker was the last straw.TMZ broke the story, the 20-year-old man was taken into custody after allegedly sneaking onto Kris' property. Kim called security, who then alerted police. We're told the kid claimed he was Kendall Jenner's boyfriend and Justin Bieber's stepbrother. Oh yeah, and he smelled like death.

Guess Who This Skater

Before this mini man marched to the beat of his own drum he was just another skater hanging out in Fontana, California. Can you guess who it is?

Michael Jackson
Owes His Brothers for All His Fame ... Says Bro Jermaine

No "Thriller" ... no "Beat It" ... no King of Pop -- Michael Jackson would have missed out on all of that ... and so would the world if the Jackson 5 didn't make MJ such a star.  At least that's Jermaine Jackson's take ... and who's gonna argue with him? Besides everyone.

TV Star Giselle Fernandez
Dumps Husband NEWSFLASH ... It's Over ... And I'm Rich

Journalist and TV host Giselle Fernandez just lost 180 pounds ... by dumping her husband after 11 years of marriage ... and according to legal docs, she's quick to point out ... she makes a fortune.52-year-old Fernandez filed for legal separation from business exec John Farrand on Friday, citing irreconcilable differences.And this is interesting ... Giselle is NOT asking for spousal support, saying in her docs, "I was the breadwinner." Giselle claims she typically works 40 hours a week and earns an impressive $41,667 per month.Other fun stuff -- Fernandez claims she spends $6,500 a month on rent and $2,000 on GROCERIES.The couple was married at their Beverly Hills home back in November 2002. They have a 7-year-old daughter, and Giselle wants joint custody.In addition to "Access Hollywood," Fernandez guest anchored for "CBS Early Show," "CBS Evening News," "NBC Today," "NBC Nightly News," and even appeared on "Dancing with the Stars" (she didn't last long).

George Brett -- I'M FINALLY GONNA MEET LORDE ... After Inspiring 'Royals'

He was the inspiration for her biggest hit, but now George Brett tells TMZ Sports ... he's FINALLY going to meet Lorde!!

Artie Lange -- Hospitalized For Diabetic Shock

4:25 PM PT -- Artie's expected to get out of the hospital tomorrow, according to his rep. We're told he's feeling much better, but he'll be heading home for some rest. As for this weekend's L.A. stand up gig -- we're told it's going to be rescheduled.Artie Lange has been admitted to a hospital in Michigan ... suffering from diabetic shock ... according to the comedian.Lange tweeted photos just a short while ago showing himself in a hospital gown and lying in a bed ... and not looking happy about the situation.  Artie tweeted, "In the hospital outside of Detroit after going into diabetic shock. Trying to get better. Sorry for missing gigs."Artie's radio and simulcast TV show is in repeats this week because he's on the road doing stand up again. It's unclear at this point if he'll be able to make his next scheduled date -- April 19 in L.A.Story developing ...  

Kate Upton: I'm Sick of My Awesome Boobs!

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Leonardo DiCaprio's Fat Beach Body -- Leolardo DiFlabrio

What isn't Gilbert Grape eating? Leonardo DiCaprio hit the beach last week with his 21-year-old supermodel girlfriend looking rounder than usual ... but the fact is, Leo's so rich and awesome, it doesn't matter.Days before dancing like a weirdo at Coachella, Leo and his GF Toni Garrn vacationed in Bora Bora. While Toni removed her top and unleashed her boobs, Leo removed his top and unleashed his as well.And no one cared ... because he's Leonardo DiCaprio.Seriously, though. We're big fans.

Andy Cohen
I'll Be Lindsay Lohan's Sober Buddy ... For One Night

Andy Cohen will be earning his one-day sober chip this week because TMZ has learned he will not partake in alcohol during Thursday night's "Watch What Happens Live" ... as a show of support to his guest ... Lindsay Lohan. For those non-"WWHL" fans ... the show always features a bartender, and cocktails are served throughout the show to both the guests and the audience ... and, of course, to Andy. But according to our sources, Andy has vowed to not dabble in the libations for the evening, so Lindsay isn't tempted.  It's unclear if there will be an open bar for everyone else, or if it will be a teetotalling night for all.Maybe he'll intro himself.  Hi, my name is Andy, and ...