Lil Scrappy
Calls Out Nickelodeon Resort For Racism

Lil Scrappy went ballistic Wednesday after his daughter was repeatedly passed over during a contest at the Nickelodeon Suites Resort in Orlando ... because he believes the staff favors white kids.The "Love and Hip Hop" star was at the pool with Momma D and their 9-year-old daughter Emani. They were there for a game where the staff calls kids up on stage for contests. Momma D tells TMZ ... Scrappy became furious when the staff kept skipping over his daughter and other black kids.  In the video you see Scrappy confront the host.  It's hard to hear him, but Momma D tells us he said, "You need to pick my daughter.  This is some racist-ass s**t."The person shooting the video tells us they support Scrappy's position in the situation.The woman implores Scrappy to get off the stage, and then Momma D steps in and repeats the claim.Emani finally pushes her dad off stage.A rep for the resort tells TMZ ... they don't discriminate on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. They add that participants must follow specific protocol ... and that Scrappy's daughter did participate in the show.

Robin Thicke
My Marriage is Over

Robin Thicke is waving the white flag ... telling people in his camp his marriage to Paula Patton has collapsed.Thicke certainly gave a strong sign the union is over by listing his L.A. home Monday.  Paula has not lived in the house since their separation in February, after that grab-ass pic became public.Sources connected with Robin tell TMZ ... an attorney is already working on a financial settlement -- separating assets.Our sources say, however, neither side has hired a divorce lawyer.    Thicke is saying he will NOT be the one who files for divorce ... she'll have to do it.  But he says he's done begging and is moving on. 

'Big Brother' -- Frankie Grande Gets the News His Grandpa Died

"Big Brother" producers broke the news to Ariana Grande's brother late Wednesday that his grandfather passed away -- and the whole 'BB' house is rallying around him.TMZ broke the story earlier today ... Frankie Grande's grandpa died on Tuesday, but Ariana obeyed his final wish -- to keep his death secret from Frankie, and allow him to continue on 'BB.'But this evening producers passed a note to Frankie from his family ... which revealed the sad news.According to bloggers watching the 'BB' live feed -- Frankie broke down in tears and shared the news with everyone else in the house. Some of the other house guests are crying too. Frankie's grandfathers death has hit Zach. Zach is crying in the lounge alone. Zach: "This sucks!" #BB16 — BigBrotherLeak (@BigBrotherLeak) July 24, 2014 It's extremely rare for "Big Brother" producers to break quarantine and allow contestants to get news from the outside world. One of the only times we can remember it happening is for 9/11. Still unclear at this point who made the final call in this case. We've reached out to producers ... but, so far no word back. 

NFL Star Victor Cruz -- SNEAK ATTACK MARRIAGE PROPOSAL ... Caught on Video

NY Giants star Victor Cruz is about to make you cry ... or at least tear up ... 'cause TMZ Sports has the video of his surprise marriage proposal to his longtime GF -- and it's downright romantic.

Shia LaBeouf
I'm Ready to Cop a Plea In My Musical Melee Trial

Shia LaBeouf is working out a plea deal in his Broadway meltdown last month ... so says the prosecutor in the disorderly conduct case.Shia was in court Thursday AM ... and something weird came up.  Shia's lawyer groused there was a notation in the file about Shia not standing up ... presumably at the last court hearing.  Everyone was vague about it ... but not standing up when the judge walks in is a sign of disrespect.Shia's lawyer appeared to say it was not true ... and based on what we know, he's right.  As for the plea deal ... the judge is giving both sides until Sept. 10 the hash it out.As you know ... Shia was kicked out of a performance of "Cabaret" after drunkenly confronting people on stage and in the audience ... then spitting and swearing at cops, allegedly yelling, "Do you know who the f*** I am?"Shia is now in an outpatient program and seems to be doing a lot better.

'Game of Thrones' Stars -- An Arrow Through the Chest Won't Kill Our Love

*** "Games of Thrones" spoilers below *** Just because one of their characters got killed off the show, it doesn't mean the end for "Game of Thrones" couple Kit Harington and Rose Leslie. The pair, a couple both on and off-screen for the last few years, were spotted Wednesday at LAX, sporting matching black sunglasses as they hopped a flight out of Los Angeles.For a guy who knows nothing, Jon Snow sure can hang on to a hot chick.

Action Bronson
I Might Have Deuced During My Port-a-Potty Rap

Action Bronson finally reveals the big secret ... what he did behind closed doors -- specifically, whether he dropped a deuce during his infamous port-a-potty rap performance?TMZ posted the epic clip ... showing the "Shiraz" rapper ducking into port-a-potty during his performance at the Ottawa Bluesfest ... and not missing a beat. In addition to addressing #1/#2 matters, he also unveiled his plan for topping that stunt. It won't be pretty.

Disney Star Orlando Brown -- Cops Say Audio Proves Actor Made Death Threats

Disney star Orlando Brown is in the crosshairs of prosecutors after an audiotape surfaced in which he allegedly threatens to kill a woman, her daughter and her mom.Police were called to the woman's North Hollywood apartment Monday just after midnight.  The woman claimed the "That's so Raven" star was going nuts outside.  Neighbors also called 911, one of whom claimed Brown had a weapon. TMZ has obtained a copy of the audio -- which police have forwarded to the L.A. City Attorney -- in which a man threatens, "I'll kill you, your mama, your daughter, everybody."Brown's rep tells TMZ the actor insists he's not the one on the audio, but cops disagree.  Our police sources say they believe it is indeed Brown and they've forwarded the case to the City Attorney.Brown says the woman is a stalker who has been "excessively" texting him, and he went to her apartment to explain to her boyfriend nothing was going on between them.Brown has had his share of legal troubles.  He served jail time for failing to complete his alcohol ed class in connection with a DUI. 

Sean Stewart

Sean Stewart is ready to fight his landlord in court who is going after him for back rent ... claiming she shamelessly painted over dangerous mold ... mold that made him sick.Stewart's landlord posted an eviction notice on Sean's door July 16, after he failed to pay July rent totaling $2,995. Stewart says he bailed a month ago because of the mold danger.Stewart says he had the money to pay but didn't because it's his legal right ... he complained several times about the mold but all the landlord did was paint over it.  So Sean exercised his right under California law to move out without giving notice ... because the apt. posed a serious health risk.He says he's been feeling weak for months and developed red blisters on his skin ... all because of the mold.We reached out to Stewart's landlord for comment ... so far, no word back.

Amy Winehouse's Mom
Go Ahead, Honor My Daughter With Your Booze & Cigs

Amy Winehouse's fans are marking the 3rd anniversary of her death by trashing her lawn with cigarettes and empty booze bottles ... and Amy's mom tells TMZ it's a fitting tribute.Janis Winehouse says she's totally cool with the random drug and alcohol paraphernalia littering Amy's old house ... in addition to leaving posters, graffiti, candles and photos.Hordes of people have visited the house at 30 Camden Square in London -- where Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning in 2011 -- leaving beer cans, empty bottles of Jack Daniels, Smirnoff and packs of smokes.Janis -- who runs an anti-drug and alcohol foundation with Amy's dad -- says she's not upset by the homage ... in fact, it makes her happy that Amy's fans still care.

'Housewives' Star Aviva Drescher
My Fake Leg Is NOT A Weapon ... Or A Sex Toy!! (VIDEO)

"Real Housewives of New York" star Aviva Drescher doesn't have a leg to stand on ... by claiming she never used her prosthetic appendage as a weapon -- and there's video proving she's lying.We got Drescher outside Sanctuary Hotel in NYC Tuesday night and asked about her EPIC argument on the RHONY season finale ... when she angrily detached her artificial leg and HURLED it toward Heather Thomson.Drescher claims she wasn't trying to hurt anyone with her prosthetic projectile.  But you gotta see her reaction ... when she discovers some guys get their rocks off ... by watching women who take it off ... their leg, that is.

Rich Homie Quan
I Didn't Hit A Fan I Bitch Slapped A Thief!

Rich Homie Quan wasn't lashing out at a fan when he smacked a guy at a concert earlier this month ... he was dishing out justice to a dude he says was TRYING TO ROB HIM.As we reported ... Quan was performing on stage in Racine, Wisconsin July 4 when someone in the crowd grabbed his arm. It appeared the man was trying to pull himself on stage.But a rep for Quan tells TMZ ... the guy wasn't trying to steal the limelight ... he was trying to steal Quan's watch ... right off his wrist. And that's why the rapper knocked him upside the head.Quan himself tells us: "The person that tried to rob me was not one of my fans. My fans are loyal to me. I did what anyone else would do if they were being robbed."

John Milner in
"American Graffiti" 'MEMBA HIM?!

Paul Le Mat is best known for playing the drag racing John Milner -- opposite Ron Howard and Richard Dreyfuss -- in the 1973 film "American Graffiti." Guess what he looks like now!