Sofia Vergara
I'm Not Having Nick's Baby But I'm Not Destroying the Embryo

Sofia Vergara had to make a tricky decision ... there's a fertilized egg sitting around that could produce a baby she doesn't want, but she doesn't want to anger  the "right to life" people by destroying it. As TMZ reported, Sofia and then fiance Nick Loeb planned on having a baby together, which resulted in a fertilized egg being stored at a Beverly Hills reproductive facility.  Nick has filed a lawsuit, saying Sophia wants to destroy the embryo, but he wants the kid. Sofia's lawyer told People, "Vergara has never suggested that she wished to have the embryos destroyed," adding, "She has always maintained that they be kept frozen." It seems strange on the surface.  If she doesn't want the baby, why not destroy the embryo? Sources close to Sofia tell TMZ, there is no way this baby will be born.  Sofia wants nothing to do with Nick and is about to marry Joe Manganiello.  The problem ... she doesn't want to piss off a lot of her fan base, which believes life is created at inception. So we're told Sofia's solution is right in the contract, which says both parties have to agree to have the baby, and both sides have to agree to destroy the embryo.  She will agree to neither, which means the baby will not be born.

Zayn Malik
He Speaks!!! He Thanks 1D And He's Asian!

Zayn Malik broke his silence Friday night -- come to think about it we haven't heard him speak before -- and he heaped praise on his former band, One Direction. Zayn accepted a trophy at the Asian Awards in London.  The award was for Outstanding Achievement in Music.  Interesting, because it's the only award Zayn can accept independent of the band.  He's getting it because of his Pakistani heritage. It sounds like there's no beef with the boys. Zayn's speech seems heartfelt ... it's actually kinda sweet. 

Stars and Scars
You Be the Judge

Kim Richards messed up royally at the Bev Hills hotel this week, but it's definitely small potatoes compared to Aaron Hernandez. So we gotta ask ...

Hookers for Hillary
From Whore House To the White House!!!

Selena Gomez
I'm Making Hits, Not Hit-Boy In Mexico

Selena Gomez's trip south of the border is strictly professional, meaning she's not banging Hit-Boy. Selena caused quite the stir in that ugly bikini earlier this week, but less prominent was the famed producer who was by her side. Stories started surfacing that they were dating. Our Selena sources say not true. They're recording an album at the home of Joe Francis, Casa Aramara, in Punta Mita. Turns out Kanye and Kim went to Joe's house last year and he build a sick recording studio on the compound. Hit-Boy -- who's produced hits for Kanye, Jay Z, Chris Brown, Snoop, Bieber and many others -- heard the studio was gold and that's why he chose it for Selena. There are extra perks ... an awesome beach, and even a sea lion that swims in Joe's pool. BTW -- black bathing suit MUCH hotter.

Lady Gaga
Can't Charm a Cop She Got Wrote Up!!!

Lady Gaga is popular with just about everyone ... except cops, because she got nailed in WeHo. Gaga was at Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant Pump on Santa Monica Blvd. Friday around 11 PM.  It took a long time for her to wade through the crowd ... just long enough for an L.A. County Sheriff's deputy to write her driver up. The nature of the ticket is unclear, but we think the Rolls was parking in a drop-off area and it was there too long. The cop's clearly a Katy Perry fan.

NHL's Jarret Stoll
Erin Andrews' BF Busted for Coke & Ecstasy

L.A. Kings superstar Jarret Stoll -- boyfriend of Erin Andrews -- was arrested in Vegas on suspicion on drug possession ... for allegedly bringing cocaine and ecstasy to a Vegas pool party. According to local reports, 32-year-old Stoll was busted Friday at the Wet Republic pool party at the MGM Grand. Stoll was reportedly taken into custody by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. Unclear if Andrews was with him at the time. Stoll was taken to Clark County Detention Center -- where he was booked. Bail was set at $5,000. Stoll was clearly in Vegas to unwind after the Kings were eliminated from contention from the NHL playoffs.  The Kings have issued a statement saying, "We are aware of police reports out of Clark County, Nevada regarding Jarret Stoll." "Our organization is concerned and has begun conducting a thorough internal investigation. While we continue to actively gather facts, we are withholding further comment at this time."

Jay Z, Roc Nation
I'm Now the Master of My Own Destiny

Jay Z is once again the proud owner of some historic music. Jay has been in an epic battle with a guy who was holding the masters to The Life and Times of S. Carter and The Dynasty albums hostage. There were 41 tracks, 31 with Jay and 10 with Beanie Sigel. Chauncey Mahan, a sound engineer on the albums, claimed ownership and stashed boxes of tracks in a San Fernando Valley storage facility.   Cops eventually seized the masters, but Mahan didn't back down. He sued Jay and Roc Nation in July, trying to get a piece of the action. A judge just shut him down, ruling he waited way too long to sue. So Jay Z owns his stuff outright. BTW ... 'Life and Times' went triple platinum and contains songs like "Big Pimpin' and "Jigga my N****."

What's The Big Frigin'

Take a moment to take in the luscious scenery surrounding the Kellan Lutz shots ... then weedwack your way through the small stuff to spot the subtle differences we snuck in just for fun! HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above photographs!**

Zachary Levi & Missy Peregrym
Secret Wedding Ends In Even More Secret Divorce

Less than a year after "Chuck" star Zachary Levi and Missy Peregrym shocked their fans by getting secretly married in Hawaii last June ... the couple is now headed for divorce. Missy was the one who filed in L.A. last week, and the docs make it sound like this is gonna be pretty amicable. According to Missy, neither of them wants spousal support, and there's no community property ... so, no reason to squabble over it. Missy, who's on "Rookie Blue," lists their date of separation as December 3 ... which means things got rocky before they even hit the six month mark. In a recent interview, Zachary spoke openly about how challenging marriage can be. Little did we know.

Conor McGregor
Insane Feats of Strength On Santa Monica Beach

Here's UFC fighter Conor McGregor ... showing off some pretty insane core strength on the rings on the beach in Santa Monica.  Now go to the gym. 

TMZ Live
Britney Spears: What REALLY Caused Her On-Stage Tantrum

HERE'S THE RUNDOWN Nicki Minaj's Engagement Rings Sparks a Hip-Hop War! Gigi Hadid's Ridiculous Censorship Issue Tom Brady Shows He's the Greatest Husband Alive to Gisele Selena Gomez -- It's Bikini Season!

Johnny Kemp
'Just Got Paid' Singer Dies Mysteriously

Johnny Kemp -- the guy who sang the 80s party anthem "Just Got Paid" ... died Thursday at the age of 55. Originally from the Bahamas, Kemp died while vacationing in Jamaica. He was reportedly found floating on a beach in Montego Bay. It's unclear at this point what caused his death. Kemp released his biggest hit in 1988 -- it reached #10 on the Billboard charts and #1 on the dance charts. It also got a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Song. R.I.P. Johnny. It's Friday night ...