Teresa Giudice
Will Serve Her Time At 'OITNB' Prison

Teresa Giudice's prison life is officially headed down a familiar path ... because a N.J. judge ordered the reality TV star to serve her time behind the bars made famous by "Orange Is The New Black."After her request to spend 12 of her 15 months at a halfway house was denied ... Teresa got the news Wednesday that she'll be headed to the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, CT.Strangely enough, on "OITNB" ... lead character Piper Chapman is similarly sentenced to 15 months at Danbury ... for money laundering.Teresa's been begging the judge for weeks not to send her to Danbury ... which the show depicts as being one of the worst prisons in the U.S.Don't drop the soap, Teresa!

Joan Rivers
Melissa Has 'No Choice' But to Sue

Melissa Rivers will sue the medical center where Joan died and the doctors as well because it's the only way she can find out what really happened to her mom.Sources connected to the Rivers family tell TMZ ... after the New York Dept. of Health and Human Services came out with its findings that Yorkville Endoscopy LLC was "deficient" in surgical services and medical staff ... Melissa tried to find out the root of the problems and if they caused her mom's death, but she was shut down.We're told Melissa got advice from her lawyers ... the only way to know precisely what happened is to file a lawsuit, which entitles her to force doctors and facility staff to sit for sworn depositions and answer questions about what happened the day Joan stopped breathing.Melissa, we're told, is frustrated because it's apparent the facility and the Dept. of Health know exactly what happened, so her only recourse is court.

Paris Hilton
Parties with Casino Killer

Paris Hilton nabbed a whale during her Atlantic City DJ gig -- a gambling legend who's cleaned out casinos in the past ... showed up to watch her and dropped giant stacks of cash while he did it.Don Johnson -- blackjack pro, not the actor -- was in the V.I.P. while Paris was spinning at Pool After Dark at Harrah's last weekend. Sources close to P tell us Don made champagne flow like a river -- buying 10 bottles of Ace of Spades at $1,000 a pop! And for a chaser ... 8 more bottles of Moët.Total bar tab -- $15,000! Best of all ... he shared the bubbly with the normies outside V.I.P.  We're told Paris and Don have been friends for years. They have a lot in common. FUN FACT: During a 6-month stretch in 2011 ... Don won $15 million from Atlantic City casinos. Trained assassin. 

Marc Anthony
My Vegas Deal Kicked J.Lo's Ass

Marc Anthony now has bragging rights over Jennifer Lopez in one department -- he doubled the insane Vegas salary she's about to get ... with a recent show of his own at Planet Hollywood.It sounds crazy, but Marc topped J.Lo's $350K per show guarantee when he took home $700K for his one-night-only gig on September 13th. In fact, the contract, obtained by TMZ, actually paid him just over $1 MILLION ... but promoter fees and operating expenses were taken out of that sum.Of course, Jennifer's scheduled to play 72 shows to Marc's one -- and she'll make more than $26 mil over 2 years.Bottom line ... Marc won the battle, but J.Lo wins the war.

Little Jemima in
"Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" 'MEMBA HER?!

Heather Ripley is best known for playing the young Jemima -- opposite Sally Ann Howes and Dick Van Dyke -- in the 1968 classic family film "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." Guess what she looks like now!

Chow Does It Feel?

D'Angelo is in the middle of his first-ever Australian tour, and from the looks of it ... there's way more of R&B's former #1 sex symbol for fans Down Under to love.The "Untitled (How Does it Feel)" singer was performing at Soulfest in Melbourne last weekend ... and he's no longer flaunting the buff physique he had 2 years ago. Still sounds good though.The ex-neo soul brother #1 has had huge swings in poundage over the years.It's an up year. 

Mark Wahlberg's Wife
Cancer Card Played in Parking Spot War!!

Mark Wahlberg’s wife Rhea Durham wound up in a parking controversy when an Uber driver claimed Rhea stole her spot. The worst part? The Uber driver is a cancer patient!! And the worser part? It looks like the driver might have told a big fat cancer lie. 

'La Bamba' Star Elizabeth Pena
Died From Alcohol Abuse

Elizabeth Pena -- who became famous playing Ritchie Valens' brother's baby mama in "La Bamba" -- died from complications from alcohol abuse.According to the death certificate -- obtained by TMZ -- Pena suffered from cirrhosis of the liver "due to alcohol."  She had the disease for months, but it became acute shortly before her death.The death certificate says the 55-year-old had acute gastrointestinal bleeding hours before her death, which caused her heart to stop.Pena died October 14th at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A.

Palin Family Fight
But Occifer, They Started It ... Says Bombed Bristol

Sarah Palin's kids ain't afraid to throw down with anyone ... which they proved during a drunken house party brawl. Now we've got audio of Bristol Palin giving cops the blow-by-blow of the whole fight.Extreme violence, thongs, even camouflage dresses -- yep ...definitely the MOST EPIC FIGHT ever! 

Britney Spears
I Got a New Vegas Deal I Make Celine Money Now!

Britney Spears was doing well with her Vegas contract -- raking in nearly $30 mil for 2 years ... but we just found out, 50 shows into her run, her show was so successful she got an even sweeter deal.Sources connected to Britney tell TMZ ... the singer did indeed sign a contract for $310K per performance, and with 96 concerts over 2 years the total was $29,760,000. But Planet Hollywood was blown away by ticket sales, which they said broke Vegas records. So Britney's people went back to the bargaining table and hashed out an amendment -- with back end, merchandising and other perks,  the singer will earn around $475,000 a show.  Celine Dion, the top money earner in Vegas, makes $476K a show.  Planet Hollywood actually added shows for Britney ... she'll now do 140 shows during the 2-year residency.Bottom line ... with all her ventures ... we're told EVERY WEEK, Britney's people deposit around 1 MILLION DOLLARS in her bank account.

TMZ Live
Tori Spelling: Quarantined in Hospital... Ebola Panic Begins!

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Perri 'Pebbles' Reid -- TLC Movie is Full of Lies ... And Ruined Me!

TLC's ex-manager is a conniving, dishonest businesswoman who hoodwinked 3 innocent girls -- that's how it looked in a TV movie about the group ... and the ex-manager is now gunning for justice.Perri "Pebbles" Reid claims in a new lawsuit ... the TV flick, "CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story" assassinated her character by portraying her as a liar and a cheat, when actually she invested her time and money as TLC's manager and created one of the best-selling female groups of all time.Pebbles says the film falsely depicts her as pressuring Chilli to get an abortion ... pushing T-Boz to put the group ahead of her health ... and doling out a measly $25/wk for the girls.Reid says the film -- which first aired a year ago and several times since -- destroyed her reputation, and she's suing for $40 million.

'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer
I'm Raising My Kid with the Baby Mama

"X-Men" director Bryan Singer will raise his baby with the woman who is carrying it ... TMZ has learned.Turns out, sources familiar with the situation tell us ... Michelle Clunie will raise the baby as her own after he or she is born. She will be listed as the mother on the birth certificate. She is NOT a surrogate.We're told Bryan and Michelle have been friends for years and he's wanted this baby for a long time.Our sources say the 2 are not romantically involved, but rather extremely close friends.Contrary to reports, we're told Michelle will not get paid for carrying the baby, but Bryan will cover living expenses ... which is roughly equivalent to informal child support. He's already purchased a place for her to live just doors down from his West Hollywood home.And our sources say ... the decision to have a baby was made long before Michael Egan accused Singer of molesting him when he was a minor. Egan dropped his lawsuit against Singer.