Chris Brown
Karrueche DUMPS Him

Chris Brown played the Rihanna card one too many times with Karrueche Tran ... we've learned Karrueche has not only broken up with him ... for safe measure she changed her number.Our sources say Karrueche exploded when Chris recently  "liked" 2 fan photos on Instagram of Rihanna and him together.But Rihanna was only a small part of Karrueche's problems with Chris.  We're told she was unhappy for a long time ... as sources put it, because "Chris acts immature, like a child."  She thinks he's ruining his life by spending more time partying than making music.Chris' reaction to the break up has been breathtaking.  He went to St. Tropez  this week and took a very good friend of Karrueche's along for the ride.  And he made a point to be photographed with her ... making sure Karrueche would see it.Karrueche's reaction was not jealousy.  We're told she's changed her phone number ... specifically so Chris couldn't contact her.Boy ... it takes guts.

'Ice Road Truckers' Star
Arrested for Devil May Hair Care Shoplifting Spree

"Ice Road Truckers" star Tim Zickuhr is clearly a guy who cares about his hair ... his fetish for follicles got him arrested ... and it's only the 2nd weirdest thing he was busted for this year.Cops tell us ... they responded to a disturbance call earlier this month at a pet hotel in San Dimas ... and found a drunken Zickuhr arguing with an employee and demanding they pony up his pooch. Turns out he doesn't even have a dog.Cops couldn't help but notice Zickuhr had a shopping cart ... filled with Rogaine, hair straightener, shampoo, a hairbrush and an assortment of booze.  Police were understandably suspicious because the errant items were laying in the Albertson's cart -- no bag, no receipt.Police went to the nearby grocery store, determined he stole the items and arrested him for shoplifting. Zickuhr spent 3 days in the pokey.The arrest still doesn't compare to Tim's arrest back in April  -- allegedly involving a hooker, kidnapping and waterboarding.  Maybe let Tim tell it ...

'Sons of Guns'
ATF Investigation Over Insane Machine Gun

Federal agents had to swoop in to help the high-caliber cowboys from Discovery's "Sons of Guns" locate a shipment of weapons -- including one incredibly destructive machine gun -- that got lost in the mail.TMZ has learned the gun shop on the show -- Red Jacket Firearms -- recently sent some of their custom machine guns from Baton Rouge to Las Vegas for an event. One of the guns is nicknamed "Master Blaster" for good reason -- it combines a Saiga 12 gauge shotgun with a MAC-11 sub-machine gun!Sources connected to RJF tell us some of the guns were leased from third parties, and when RJF's shipment back to Baton Rouge got delayed ... the owner of the weapons got pissed and snitched to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. We're told the owner reported the guns as missing, and ATF agents sprung into action to locate the weapons -- which are legal and licensed. Turns out it was just a normal mail snafu -- however, we're told production on the TV show was halted until they got the all clear the guns were safe and sound.Boys and their toys.

Linda Hogan
My Ex BF is a Leech and an Ingrate

Linda Hogan is scoffing at her ex-BF's claim he was treated and paid like a day laborer during their relationship, saying he lived in the lap of luxury the entire time they were banging.Sources very close to the former couple tell us ... the then 48-year-old ex-wife of Hulk Hogan paid full freight for then 19-year-old Charlie Hill ... from his wardrobe, to his food, to lavish vacations ... even an allowance.We're told Linda is steaming over Charlie's $1.5 million lawsuit ... demanding money for the chores he performed, including waxing her yacht, fertilizing 25 acres of avocado trees and supervising a chain saw gang.Linda says Charlie never had a real job during their entire 4-year relationship.  She's especially irked about the boat waxing business, saying he wanted to become a boat captain and she paid for classes to get him certified.  And waxing is part of the deal, right?  Linda's lawyer Ray Rafool tells us, "Linda is embarrassed for Charlie and can't believe he'd say such things considering the relationship they had."The relationship, we're guessing, is defined by a math problem:  How many times does 19 go into 48?

Guess Who This

Before this grinning little girl made the whole world smile as a comedian she was just another kid growing up in Chicago, Illinois. Can you guess who she is?

Tara Reid
'Sharknado 2' Was Cool But 3 Is Gonna Be ...

The parade of blood, guts, and 'C' list cameos known as 'Sharknado 2' was such a huge hit that Tara Reid says she's down for another sequel ... which is perfect! We've already got a rough draft -- "Sharknado 3: Is That a Hammerhead in Your Pocket, Or ..."It's a VERY rough draft.

Manchester United

Some idiot soccer fan got absolutely ANNIHILATED when he ran on the field at a Man U game last week ... thanks to two badass security guards who hit like NFL linebackers. It all went down in L.A. when the L.A. Galaxy hosted Manchester United for a friendly match at The Rose Bowl. Right after the final whistle blew (finalizing Man U's  7-0 victory) ... the fan jumped on the field and started approaching some of the players. That's when security raced after the guy and delivered a BONE-CRUSHING tackle on the guy that woulda made Lawrence Taylor proud. Perfect. Form. Tackle.

Selena Gomez
Justin & Orlando Can Kiss My ...

While her ex and her alleged fling duke it out in Ibiza, Selena Gomez rocked the shortest of shorts Thursday while heading to a meeting in L.A.As TMZ first reported, while Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom fought over Miranda Kerr ... there is some tangential Selena involvement. Our sources say Gomez -- who was once famously photographed with Bloom -- claims she never hooked up with the "Lord of the Rings" star.Selena Gomez ... hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave.

Linda Hogan's Ex BF
She Treated Me Like a Day Laborer

Linda Hogan treated her 19-year-old boyfriend like a guy holding up a sign at Home Depot ... this according a lawsuit he filed against her for $1.5 MILLION for his menial labor.You'll recall ... Linda -- then 48 -- started dating 19-year-old Charlie Hill after she split from hubby Hulk Hogan.Charlie claims in his lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- Linda took advantage of their relationship and made him do all sorts of things, including wax the yacht, dig a creek and fertilize 25 acres of avocado trees.Charlie's list of laborious chores goes on and on ... pulling reeds from the lake, construction, landscaping and running a chain saw team.Charlie does not mention in the lawsuit ... he was living off Linda in a Simi Valley mansion on a lake.But there's a twist.  We've learned Linda and Charlie struck a settlement when they split -- he promised confidentiality and she let him keep his truck, dirt bike and the engagement ring he gave her. And he got $9K.We're told Linda is now furious ... because Charlie did an interview violating the confidentiality agreement.So Linda's lawyer, Ray Rafool, has filed a lawsuit against Charlie asking for an order gagging him. We reached out to Linda's rep, Gary Smith ... he had no comment.

Chris Brown
Well-Rounded For Life After Jail

Chris Brown is enjoying life again as a totally free man ... who is also totally free of abs. Turns out not EVERY guy who does time, comes out looking diesel. Why? It's kinda like real estate -- location, location, location! We should explain.  

Orlando Bloom & Erica Packer -- Anything Our Exes Can Do ...

The tangled and convoluted apparent romance between Orlando Bloom and Erica Packer continued Thursday as the pair hung out at a restaurant in Formentera, Spain.As TMZ previously reported, Bloom and Packer have been spending lots of time together this week, which wouldn't be weird ... except for the fact that late last year their exes, Miranda Kerr and James Packer, were reportedly romantically linked.And all 4 of them were friends when the marriages were in tact.Got to hand it to Orlando ... it takes a special kind of guy to get involved in a love triangle and a love square in the same week.

'Party Down South' Star
CLEARED Of Rape Allegation

"Party Down South" star Ryan "Daddy" Richards was investigated for rape and CLEARED ... after cops viewed 20 hours of videotape.A woman partied with the cast in Athens, GA in April ... first in a local bar and then in a house the show rented. She reportedly told police someone gave her an already opened beer and that's all she remembered. She says the next thing she knew she was naked under a bed sheet with a camera in her face.The police report lists Richards as a suspect, but we've now obtained documents which make it clear ... after an investigation cops concluded the allegation is unfounded.Show sources tell us after reviewing 20 hours of footage -- along with interviewing cast and crew -- cops determined she was conscious and partying along with everyone else.  As for why the case was pursued ... the woman went to the hospital the day after the party and a nurse concluded there was evidence of sexual assault.But the police investigation proved otherwise ... so case closed.

Orlando and Miranda -- Bizarre, Billionaire Love Square

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are still tied together ... by the people they appear to have dated. It's a bizarre love square. Let us connect the dots.-- Orlando has been getting cozy in the last few days on a boat in Ibiza with a woman named Erica Packer-- Erica was married to media mogul/billionaire James Packer-- James and Erica separated in September 2013-- Orlando and Miranda separated in October 2013-- Overseas media reported in December ... James was romantically linked to Miranda.  It's interesting, because all 4 of them were friends while the marriages were in tact. -- James and his best friend, David Gyngell, got in a fistfight in May ... during which David confronted James about his treatment of Erica ... and Miranda was mentionedAnd get this ... both James and David were fined $500 each for bad behavior.Orlando should be fined $1000 for throwing a wimpy punch.