Justin Bieber
'I'll Make Love to You'

Justin Bieber killed it in Hollywood Sunday night, with an awesome impromptu performance. The Biebs was at Jazz Night at the W Hotel in Hollywood, when he got up on stage and performed Boyz II Men "I'll Make Love to You."   The crowd loved it and Bieber left them wanting more after a single song.

Chris Weidman, Floyd Mayweather
Two Champs Hangin' in Vegas

UFC champ Chris Weidman mixed fun with mixed martial arts this weekend, mugging with Floyd Mayweather at a Vegas pool after his title victory. Chris didn't look the worse for wear after his 1st round submission against Victor Belfort at UFC 187. The sunglasses are pretty big and could be hiding a bruise or 2, but Weidman took care of business pretty quickly so probably not. The 2 champs chilled at the pool at The Palms, where Weidman was hosting a post-fight event. Both fighters share something pretty impressive .... they're both undefeated.

Tyson Beckford
Tells Chris Brown Your Threats Don't Scare Me

Chris Brown had a meltdown Sunday after Tyson Beckford dared to post a pic of himself with Karrueche Tran, but Tyson made it clear, he's not scared one bit. It started Sunday when Chris saw the pic, then posted a flurry of tweets, saying among other things, "U wanna keep walking them runways.  I need ta legs for that.  Keep playing like I ain't wit the bulls***."  Chris deleted the tweets, but Tyson fired back, seemingly impervious to the threats, saying, "It's all about fun in Vegas, come thru papa." Tyson then posted video of himself shooting a gun range, saying, "Just in case your forgot!" But Chris wasn't done.  Late Sunday night, Chris posted a pic of Vegas cops behind a building, saying, "This n**** Tyson got the whole Vegas PD out here.  Suckah!  This fruitz!" Chris has been making a play to get Karrueche ever since she found out he had a child by another woman.   Don't know whether this helps or hurts Chris' chances.

Chris Brown
Baby Mama Claims Deadbeat Dad He Says She's Money Hungry

Chris Brown is at war with his baby mama, who claims he's stopped paying the measly $2,500 a month in child support, and now she's gunning for 6 times that.   Multiple sources connected with the couple tell TMZ, Chris has been paying baby Royalty's mom, Nia Guzman, the $2,500, but the gravy train stopped in March. Our Chris sources say he stopped paying because Nia demanded $15k a month, which he thinks is ridiculous. We're told Chris says Nia's treating the baby like a winning lottery ticket, but she claims he's being incredibly cheap and their daughter is suffering as a result.  We're told Nia's lawyer, Carl Moore, will be filing legal docs in the next 2 weeks demanding back child support and a huge monthly hike.   We're hearing rumblings of settlement.

Will Smith
Lightly Battered After 'Suicide Squad' Shoot

"Suicide Squad" has taken its toll on Will Smith, who looked pretty banged up early Monday morning. The chromed-domed superstar was leaving the set in Toronto when he mugged for a fan and clearly proved he does at least some of his own stunt work. Look closely at his face.  The beard hides some of the bruises but his cheeks look pretty scraped up.

Michelle Rounds to Rosie
I Want Full Custody… Of Our Baby Pictures

Rosie O’Donnell's divorce has gotten so bitter it's gone from fighting in divorce court to battling over the rights to Instagram. Michelle Rounds is on the attack, claiming she took a picture of their daughter, Dakota, and Rosie had the nerve to post it on Instagram. Michelle says the law is crystal clear -- she took the pic so she owns the rights to it, and therefore Rosie has no right to post the pic anywhere. Michelle has contacted Instagram, demanding that the pic be scrubbed from the site. So far the company has taken no action. Rosie and Michelle are both under a gag order, prohibited from disparaging each other in the media ... social or otherwise. 


Naomi Campbell puts the super in supermodel. Here's a 27-year-old version of the British babe at in Los Angeles back in 1997 (left) and 18 year later ... the activist and author -- who celebrated her 45th birthday earlier this week -- at a gala in NYC this month (right). Mmm mmm good. The question is...

Warren Sapp
Ex-Hookers Schooled Me On the Street Life

Warren Sapp graduated from the school of hooker hard knocks -- as part of his amazing plea deal in his Phoenix prostitution bust -- and TMZ Sports found out the curriculum. Sapp got the solicitation charge dropped from the Super Bowl weekend arrest by completing a one day course, and according to his attorney ... the Hall of Famer's class featured some intense guest speakers. Craig Mehrens says Sapp heard from Phoenix PD Vice Squad officers as well as ex-prostitutes. Both shared their experiences working the streets -- so you might say Sapp got it from both sides ... again. His next step is getting the assault charge dropped, and Mehrens says Warren will be completing 15 anger management courses over the next few weeks to achieve that. We're told he can attend those classes closer to home in Florida. By the way, no plea deals for the hookers who got busted with Sapp. They're planning to take their cases to trial in July. 

'Bad Grandpa' Wedding Couple
Adios, Jackass ... Wife Files For Divorce

Perhaps having 'Bad Grandpa' star Johnny Knoxville trash your wedding isn't the best starting point -- just ask the movie's producer, whose marriage is now in ruins.  According to the docs, 2 years after Jarrod Brom's wedding was featured in the film -- full of ball slaps and fart pranks -- his wife, Kimberly Peeler has filed divorce papers ... throwing in the towel, which was most likely up someone's butt. You may recall ... film crews captured Knoxville's character demolishing a champagne tower and destroying the cake during their actual ceremony. The divorce should be pretty clean though -- they don't have any kids, and in the docs Kimberly says there are no assets to split. If Knoxville pops up in divorce court ... that would be awesome.

TMZ's Beachin' Baby

The salty snapshots have been narrowed down to five in our annual Beachin' Baby Photo Contest  ... but vote wisely because one of them is shore to score and it's up to you to pick the pic!Which of these beachin' photos should score the $250 prize and some great gifts from TMZ?**CLICK HERE for contest rules and regulations!**

Farrah Abraham
Mackenzie McKee Can Go Fund Herself

Farrah Abraham has to get something off her chest about Mackenzie McKee’s C-cup campaign -- buy your own boobs! Our photog spotted Farrah sipping cocktails at the Mondrian Hotel in LA and asked about her fellow "Teen Mom" alum's breast implant fundraiser. McKee's asking for contributions toward her $5k boob job on MyFreeImplants.com. Last we looked she raised around $25.  Farrah threw some serious shade on Mackenzie, saying she's a mooch. The former sex tape star even clued us in on how much she paid for her boobs, and it’s not as much as you think.

Ben Stiller's Mom Dies
Anne Meara Dead at 85

Actress and comedian Anne Meara -- who famously co stared with her husband Jerry Stiller for more than 60 years -- has died at the age of 85. Anne's family, including her son Ben Stiller released a statement on Sunday regarding her passing. They did not mention a cause of death.  Meara was famous for performing on "The Ed Sullivan Show" in the 1960s with her husband Jerry Stiller, and also had recurring roles on "All My Children" and "The King of Queens." She co stared with Ben in the 2006 film 'Night at the Museum." Anne's death was first reported by the AP.

James Harden
Officially Under Lil B's Spell ... The Curse Is On!

As if being down 3 games to zero wasn't hard enough -- Houston Rockets star James Harden now has to contend with the so-called "Based God curse" ... which is now officially on him, according to Lil B. The rapper tells TMZ Sports he put the hex on Harden when he failed to apologize or give proper credit to Lil B for his "cooking it up" dance. B says, "He's cursed for the rest of the playoffs and further notice until he speaks on what dance celebration he's doing and where it comes from." The curse has become the talk of the NBA playoffs, and couldn't come at a worst time for Harden ... whose Rockets are on the brink of elimination after getting crushed by the Golden State Warriors yesterday, 115-80.  If, like most reasonable people, you're not buying this curse biz -- Lil B points out he gave Harden a final warning before yesterday's blowout, and ... "he lost by 35 points to match the jersey number of his former teammate [Kevin Durant] who is actively cursed right now." Lil B famously threw the curse on KD last year. Now he's injured.  B says he didn't want this to happen, and still hopes Harden has a change of heart. He adds ... "The Based God can take off his curse at anytime." Reality? Harden's chances of coming back from 3-0 are already slim to none -- cursed or not.