'Big Brother' Winner
I Got Hit By a Car ... I Think

"Big Brother" Season 8 winner Evel Dick Donato is convinced a car SMASHED INTO HIM Friday night in Ireland ... and his injuries look really, really bad. Dick posted a photo on Twitter last night showing his messed up face with the caption, "Pretty sure I got hit by a car, but I have no memory of what happened... at all."The next morning, Dick began to recall what went down and said he was biking home after drinking at a bar in Dublin -- when suddenly, he was being woken up on the side of the road by a cab driver.Dick refused medical treatment ... but the next morning promised his followers he'd get checked out.The reality star -- who won a $500k grand prize in 2007 -- swears he didn't just get into a drunken bar fight ... but not going to a hospital immediately after being run over by a car sounds pretty dumb.

Bryan Singer
Accuser NEVER Told FBI Director Sexually Assaulted Him

The FBI DID investigate sexual assault claims by the man who is now accusing "X-Men" director Bryan Singer of sexually molesting him in 1998 ... but he NEVER mentioned Singer ... this according to multiple sources close to the investigation.Michael Egan and his lawyer both said at a news conference Singer sexually abused him at a pool party in Encino, CA. when he was only 15.  Egan also claims 3 other men abused him at the party.  He sued the 3 men in 2000 but Singer was never named or mentioned.Egan claims he and his mom complained to the FBI in 2000 but the investigation went nowhere.Our sources close to that investigation tell us ... the FBI fully investigated Egan's claims and the agency's investigation was instrumental in criminal charges of sexual assault of one of the 3 men -- Marc Collins-Rector -- but Egan NEVER mentioned Singer and his name never came up during the probe.An FBI spokesperson tells us, "The FBI takes seriously allegations involving the sexual abuse of minors.  The suggestion the FBI ignored evidence concerning the sexual victimization of a minor is completely without merit."

Jodi Arias
I Got Hep C in Jail Now I'm Going After the Sheriff & Nancy Grace

Jodi Arias got more than a murder conviction in Arizona ... she got Hepatitis C ... and she blames it on Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who she also claims is in a conspiracy with none other than Nancy Grace.Jodi -- who was convicted last year of murdering her ex-BF Travis Alexander, is awaiting the death penalty phase of the case.  Jodi claims in new legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- while she was in the custody of Sheriff Joe ... she was given a Tuberculosis shot with an infected needle, which gave her Hep C.She also claims her left silicone breast implant leaked and caused a fungal growth.  Jodi alleges she was denied medical care.Jodi also claims Joe has put cameras in her cell and forces her to say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning or else she won't get fed.Now Nancy Grace ... Jodi alleges Joe intercepted sexual letters between her and Travis' cousin and leaked them to Nancy, who then blabbed about them on TV.  Nancy claimed the 2 were getting hitched.Jodi -- who filed the papers without the benefit of a lawyer -- wants a restraining order against Nancy and Joe ... prohibiting them from allegedly violating her privacy and hurting her ability to get a fair shake in the death penalty phase.

Tito Jackson
Jermaine Didn't Mean Michael Would Be Nothing Without Jackson 5

Tito Jackson calmly and coolly defended his brother Jermaine, who told TMZ earlier in the week, "If it wasn't for the Jackson 5, there would be no Michael Jackson."Tito told our photog in Calabasas Friday ... Jermaine was misunderstood, and he explains why.Tito also bristled at Debbie Rowe's comment to us ... the Jackson 4 are all bad influences on Michael's kids.TMZ broke the story ... Debbie intends to seek guardianship of Paris and Prince -- her biological kids -- and would also like to bring Blanket along for the ride, because she believes the current guardianship is damaging all 3 children.

'Love & Hip Hop' Sex Tape
Pre-Sales Are Through the Roof!

There might be a new queen of sex tapes ... TMZ has learned the tape starring Mimi Faust from "Love & Hip Hop" is one of the hottest pre-sellers Vivid has ever seen. Vivid Entertainment honcho Steve Hirsch tells TMZ ... they've made more than $400,000 in pre-sales ... just off the trailer. Hirsch says Vivid has never seen pre-orders at this level."Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta" is set to drop Monday in full on Vivid.com and Hirsch says he's expecting sales to be massive.Or he could just be talking about Nikko's manhood.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner
We're So Rich We Go to BOTH Coachella Weekends

Most young people going to Coachella scrape together all their cash for the trip ... but when you're rich like Kylie and Kendall Jenner -- you get TWO WEEKENDS of hipster desert love. The Jenner girls hit up Indio for the second set of Coachella shows yesterday ... and this weekend they made better fashion choices.General admission tickets to the annual festival cost around $400 bucks ... but V.I.P tickets -- which we're guessing they bought -- run for $800.Must be nice.

Stars and Scars
You Be the Judge

Crazy stuff this week.  "X-Men" director Bryan Singer slapped with a sexual assault lawsuit, and Columbus Short is now skating on thin "Scandal" ice after his wife claimed he pulled a knife on her and threatened murder.  So we gotta ask ...

'Goonies' Sequel
Steven Spielberg's Brainchild ... Says Richard Donner

Watch your words Corey Feldman ... 'cause "The Goonies" sequel director Richard Donner says he's working on is NOT some rogue side project -- he's working with Spielberg.Donner tried playing mum on more sequel talk Friday while cruising Beverly Hills -- after he let the cat out of the bag earlier this month -- but the director couldn't contain himself when we asked if Steven Spielberg was also involved.As we previously reported, Donner wants the original cast to return -- and now that he's got Spielberg behind him ... we're guessing Josh Brolin might be willing to read the script.HEY YOU GUYS ... it's finally happening!!

Gwen Stefani
Joins 'The Voice'

Gwen Stefani's gonna make good money off Christina Aguilera getting knocked up -- TMZ has learned Gwen has signed on to be a judge on "The Voice."Multiple sources connected to the show tell us ... No Doubt's lead singer will be on Season 7 ... which starts taping in June.Producers started looking for new blood in February after Christina announced she was pregnant. Makes sense ... she'd be 8 or 9 months along by the time Season 8's battle rounds began.  We're told NBC wanted Christina to stay during her pregnancy but she's having a difficult time already and ultimately bowed out.Gwen's deal is for one season right now, and we're told Christina has already signed on to rotate back into her spinning chair for Season 8.NBC had no comment.

Sara Gilbert
What's Up With Your BS Answer

Either Sara Gilbert was trying to be nice Friday night in Hollywood ... or like the rest of the country, she only knows one 4 Non Blondes song.In case you missed it -- it's ok, we forgive you -- Sarah's wife Linda Perry announced this week she was reuniting her 90's band for a charity benefit ... even though they only had one hit -- "What's Up."We asked Sarah what her favorite Non Blondes song was and her answer is questionable.Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Thunder From Down Under
103-Year Old Lady Got a Face Full of Junk

Age 'aint nothing but a number ... even when a 103-year old lady wants you to swing your crotch around while wearing a pair of skivies.The guys at the "Thunder From Down Under" show in Las Vegas treated Hilda Eveleyn Kottman -- a minor internet celeb -- to a special dance Friday night in the V.I.P. lounge.We're told the guys had to make a special trip to her section ... because Grandma Evelyn would take too long getting to the stage.Talk about putting another shrimp on the barbie.

Justin Bieber
Used by the White House To Plug Immigration Reform

Justin Bieber haters got played by the White House ... which just refused to comment on their petition to have Bieber deported -- but instead used the opportunity to rant about its immigration policies.The We the People petition first got to the White House back in January when 273,000 people signed it ... demanding President Obama yank Justin's green card and send him back to Canada.If organizers reach the required number of signatures the White House is supposed to address the issue -- but today side-stepped the matter, saying ... "to avoid the appearance of improper influence, the White House may decline to address ... matters within the jurisdiction" of other government agencies.Translation: We'll let the courts deal with Bieber.The statement -- sent to everyone who signed the petition -- also included 2 pages about the President's immigration reform plan ... which it claims could shrink the deficit by nearly a TRILLION dolllars "or 100 billion copies of Mr. Bieber's debut album."Yes, they took time to do the math. Your tax dollars at work.

'The Chew' Lawsuit
Woman Claims TV Studio Is Recipe for Disaster!!!

"The Chew" TV studio in New York City is a veritable death trap ... according to a woman who claims she was seriously injured at a taping of the show.According to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ ...  Angelina Delic says she was part of the show's studio audience in 2012 when she tripped and fell down some stairs, which did not have a handrail. Delic's lawyer tells TMZ Delic stumbled over a raised toe strip, fell down six steps, and landed on her right shin (gnarly photo below). The lawyer says nothing was broken, but she eventually developed a bacterial infection. The lawyer says Delic had to see her doctor on 21 occasions to treat the infection. And credit to Delic's lawyer for painting a harrowing picture of the studio in the lawsuit ... calling it "dangerous, full of debris, hazardous, unsafe, full of traps and concealed dangers." She's now suing ABC for negligence. Delic doesn't name an amount, but her lawyer says the medical bills alone exceed $50K.A rep for ABC tells us they have no knowledge of the claim.