Orlando Bloom
Throws Punch at Justin Bieber

Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Justin Bieber early Wednesday morning in Ibiza ... and Justin fled the restaurant -- this according to 2 eyewitnesses.The eyewitnesses tell TMZ ... Orlando was in Cipriani restaurant which was packed with celebs, including Paris Hilton, and Diddy.  You don't see Orlando swing, but the eyewitnesses tell us that's exactly what happened.  We're told Justin ducked the punch.  That's where the video starts and you hear Justin scream, "What's up bitch?"We're told when Bieber left the crowd applauded.The backstory is almost legendary ... Justin partied with Orlando's then-wife Miranda Kerr after a 2012 Victoria's Secret fashion show in NYC and they got very  VERY close.  And in April of this year, Orlando was hanging out with Justin's on-and-off GF Selena Gomez.  So the bad blood is flowing.8:40 PM PT -- Justin just lobbed the most beautiful grenade ever by simply posting (and then quickly deleting) this pic of Miranda. It's such a d*** move, but still … kinda gangsta. Advantage Bieber? 

Lisa Vanderpump
SELLING Villa Blanca

Lisa Vanderpump is selling Villa Blanca, the restaurant she made famous on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," TMZ has confirmed.Real estate sources tell TMZ ... Hilton & Hyland -- as in Rick Hilton -- has the listing.Lisa is coy about the sale, telling us she merely wanted an appraisal because people have expressed interest in buying the joint.  But our real estate sources say Hilton & Hyland have the deal and are actively looking for a buyer.The move comes weeks after  the restaurant was socked with a $100,000 punitive damage judgment.   Former waitress Karina Bustillo won that plus another $6K in her sexual harassment lawsuit. Interesting Lisa didn't give realtor Mauricio Umansky -- Kyle Richards' hubby -- the listing.

'Big Brother'
Jocasta's Sister RIPS Frankie For 'Go Kill Yourself' Comment

The sister of "Big Brother" contestant Jocasta Odom is tearing cast member Frankie Grande to shreds ... for saying Jocasta "can kill herself."Frankie's back stab stung hard ... because Jocasta -- a pastor -- just performed a memorial service for his recently deceased grandfather.Miranda Chelsea, Jocasta's sis, tells TMZ, "It was an ignorant statement and the little respect I had for him just went out the window."  And the parting shot, "It shows the lack of maturity he has."Miranda isn't the only one pissed off -- so are the fans ... @JrAguja1997 tweeted "I don't f**king care if your sister sings good, you're a s**tty person Frankie. Calling Jocasta to kill herself. Argh."Whatever sympathy Frankie had built up this past week has now quickly gone away ... and it only took 13 seconds of footage to do it.

Stephen A. Smith SUSPENDED by ESPN For Domestic Violence Remarks

ESPN is yanking Stephen A. Smith off the air -- suspending him for the inflammatory comments he made about women and domestic violence last week.The network says Smith will not appear on his show "First Take" or on ESPN Radio until next Wednesday. During a discussion about Ray Rice's suspension, Stephen A. said he would tell women to make sure they're not doing anything "to provoke wrong actions" ... in addition to telling men what NOT to do.This morning on "First Take" Smith apologized -- and ESPN released a statement, saying ... “We will continue to have constructive dialogue on this important topic. Stephen’s comments last Friday do not reflect our company’s point of view."The network continued ... "As his apology demonstrates, he recognizes his mistakes and has a deeper appreciation of our company values.” Smith's comments also infuriated fellow ESPN anchor Michelle Beadle. She's yet to react to his suspension.

Joe's Jeans Owner
Marriage Wasn't a Good Fit Wife Files for Divorce

The guy who founded Joe's Jeans is un-Lucky in love ... he's getting divorced.Joe Dahan's wife, Ambre, filed to end their marriage, citing the usual irreconcilable differences.Joe -- who turned the company into a juggernaut -- is worth an estimated $15 million in stock alone.Ambre wants a piece of the action ... she's gunning for spousal support and wants joint custody of their 2 kids -- ages 5 and 3.They married in 2006. The date of separation puts the marriage 1 week shy of 7 years.

David Tutera, Ryan Jurica -- Twins From Split Have Never Met

The twins born more than a year ago to David Tutera and ex-partner Ryan Jurica have never met.As TMZ previously reported, Tutera and Jurica each fertilized an egg that was implanted in the same surrogate, who gave birth to the two babies at the same time.  David and Ryan split before birth ... David kept the girl, Cielo, and Ryan kept the boy, Cedric.David -- who hosts CELEBrations on WE tv -- told Harvey and Charles on "TMZ Live" ... the kids have had zero contact because of the nuclear breakup.   Ryan tells TMZ ... he's attempted to create a relationship between the twins, but David would have none of it.  Ryan says he thinks the kids need to establish a bond sooner than later, and, "I will do all that I can to foster it."David hedged on "TMZ LIve," saying he's open to the kids connecting one day.

Bryan Singer, Accuser
Settle Molestation Suit Then Accuser Flip Flops

Bryan Singer and the man accusing him of molesting him when he was 15 settled the case for $100K but the alleged victim changed his mind, and lost his lawyer in the process ... TMZ has confirmed.Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... attorney Jeff Herman, who reps accuser Michael Egan, approached Singer's lawyer Marty Singer, offering to drop the case for $100,000.In the greater scheme of things, if Egan had a valid sexual molestation case -- proving the "X-Men" director repeatedly sexually assaulted him when he was 15 -- it would be worth many millions.A settlement of $100K -- which would be a fraction of Bryan Singer's legal fees -- is viewed more like a "nuisance" settlement.But here's the twist.  After the settlement was signed, Egan backed out of it, saying "This exact kind of take-it-and-shut-up deal is why I decided to stand up in the first place."Apparently Egan's lawyer wanted the case to settle, so Herman tells us he's dropping out of the case.Egan earlier dismissed his lawsuits against mega-producer Garth Ancier, Producer Gary Goddard, and former Disney exec David Neuman.

Maya Rudolph -- I Kept My Baby's Birth Details Secret ... Until Now!!

Maya Rudolph just filed the birth certificate for her baby -- which is interesting because she gave birth A YEAR AGO.According to to the document -- obtained by TMZ -- Maya and longtime partner Paul Thomas Anderson gave birth to a baby girl on Aug. 1, 2013 ... naming her Minnie Ida Anderson after Maya's mother, Minnie Riperton.Everything was pretty much on the down low until the certificate was filed Tuesday in L.A.  The reason -- Maya gave birth at home, so there was no hospital to record the birth.In California ... birth certificates must be filed before the baby turns 1, so Maya and Paul got in just under the wire.Happy birthday, Minnie!

Zac Efron -- I Needed a 'Social Lubricant'

Zac Efron is publicly acknowledging his struggle with addiction ... and he chose to make the revelation deep in the wilderness with Bear Grylls.Zac doesn't mention any drug or drink by name ... we broke the story he had 2 stints in rehab last year for cocaine and Molly.The actor says it became impossible to go out in the world because, as he put it, the press followed him everywhere. So he needed what he called a "social lubricant" to muster the courage to venture outside his house.You gotta hear Zac talk about his problem and how he's now put it in check.  It's interesting.  

James Garner -- Cause of Death ... Fatal Heart Attack

A massive heart attack killed actor James Garner.According to the death certificate -- obtained by TMZ -- Garner died from acute myocardial infarction. "The Rockford Files" star died July 19 at his Los Angeles home.The death certificate says Garner -- who also starred in "The Notebook" -- suffered from coronary artery disease.Garner was one of the first stars to become mega-successful on both TV and in the movies.  Among his many achievements ... "Maverick" -- a massive TV hit from 1957 - 1962.  He co-starred with Mel Gibson in the big screen version in '94. 

Giles Matthey -- Kiefer And I Drank Hard During '24'

Kiefer Sutherland didn't just drink while filming -- "24" co-star Giles Matthey says ... he drank BIG ... which is interesting in the wake of Freddie Prinze, Jr.'s recent rant.Giles played Jordan Reed on the latest season of the hit show and was known to partake in an adult beverage or two (or 3 or 4) with Kiefer. When we caught up to him back in May, Giles said there's no hops or barley on Jack Bauer's party menu -- only WHISKEY."No beers for him," Giles tells us.This comes on the heels of former "24" star Prinze going off on Kiefer yesterday -- as we reported ... Prinze claimed Kiefer would regularly show up on set drunk and was so unprofessional Freddie almost quit acting altogether.Cool thing is -- this video was shot two months ago, so Giles wasn't reacting to recent events.Gotta give it to Kiefer, though ... when he goes hard, so does everybody else -- he's well known for ringing the bell and hooking up the entire bar.

Comic Con 2014 Sexual Harassment Runs Rampant Among the Nerds

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Justin Bieber
Beverly Hills Cops School Condo Residents on Bieber Trouble

The Beverly Hills police paid a visit to the condo in which Justin Bieber is living … trying to calm down residents who are in meltdown mode because of the singer's antics.Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the officers were there to do some "community policing" and spoke with various homeowners in the building ... and the conversation was all about the Biebs. We're told the main topic was noise. As TMZ first reported, Bieber's neighbors called police six times in one weekend ... four of them to specifically complain about loud partying courtesy of Bieber and his crew. We're told the officers also spoke about basic security measures and how to best handle the increased traffic in the neighborhood from both fans and tour buses.And get this ... the residents are lawyering up in case they decide to go to war with the singer. We're told the HOA has hired an attorney specifically to handle Bieber-related issues.