McKayla Maroney
I Was Underage in Hacked Nude Pics

Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney says she was under 18 when the hacked nude photos of her were taken ... and now she's taking legal action against several porn sites that reposted the images.TMZ has learned one of Maroney's attorneys fired off a letter to ... informing the site that McKayla was underage in several of the photos. The letter demands the images of McKayla -- who turned 18 last December -- be taken down immediately.Another attorney for the gymnast sent a different letter to multiple websites stating Maroney owns the copyright on the hacked photos. The legal claims by her attorneys are a strong indication the photos really do show McKayla -- even though she said on Twitter they were "fake photos." It's also possible only portions of the images are really McKayla. The letter is not specific.A rep for tells us they immediately removed the pics once they got the letter from Maroney's attorney.

Of Mice Against Men ... Disney Fights DJ Over Ears Logo

Deadmau5 is now in a legal brawl with Disney over whether his famous headgear is too similar to its logo  -- but the DJ says the Mouse House hasn't made a squeak about this for a decade.In documents filed Tuesday ... Disney claims Deadmau5's logo is too similar to their famous Mickey ears, and they're trying to block him from getting a trademark in the U.S.Of course, Deadmau5 has been wearing his mouse head costume for 10 years now -- and his attorney Dina LaPolt tells TMZ he already has a trademark for it in 30 other countries ... including Japan, Germany, Italy and the U.K.Deadmau5 applied through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last year. In the docs, Disney states its ears have been a thing for more than 60 years, and says granting Deadmau5 the trademark would damage its business in the U.S. and around the world. But Deadmau5 doesn't seem bothered by Disney's filing ... telling us he won't be bullied, and is prepared to fight to protect his rights to his property.Expect plenty of ear-say if this ends up in court.

Justin Bieber Arrest
Time to Play ... Pick Your Jailhouse Gang

Justin Bieber's arrest in Canada for allegedly fighting with a pap following an ATV accident could mean it's time for Justin to do some serious thinking -- about which gang he's gonna join behind bars!It's never too early to start planning. Y'know ... just in case. 

'Shah's of Sunset' Star
All This Water... And I'm Still Thirsty!

Mercedes Javid paid homage to Denise Richards' character in 'Wild Things' by squeezing into a micro thong swimsuit for a very soapy and public car wash/cry-for-attention.M.J. shamelessly posed while putting a shine on her Volkswagen SUV in L.A. -- even though the city's in the midst of severe drought.She's been very open about her dramatic weight loss over the last year, which she chalks up to a healthy appetite for sex.Still ... washing a car is a pain in the ass. 

Manny Pacquiao Rips 'Uneducated' Mayweather

Manny Pacquiao is following 50 Cent and Nelly's lead -- bashing Floyd Mayweather for his apparent lack of formal education.

'Sleepy Hollow'
Apologizes for 'Headless' Promos As ISIS Video Comes Out

"Sleepy Hollow" is issuing a major mea culpa for the show's #HeadlessDay promotion ... which happened to launch on the same day a 2nd U.S. journalist was beheaded by ISIS militants in Iraq.The show is promoting its Season 1 DVD release with a series of memes cracking headless jokes as a nod to the main character ... the Headless Horseman. The memes all have the line, "Happy Headless Day from Sleepy Hollow."Of course, the people behind the PR campaign couldn't have predicted the terrorists would release horrifying video of another execution.The marketing agency that created the campaign says, "We apologize for the unfortunate timing of our Sleepy Hollow Headless Day announcement. The tragic news of Steven Sotloff's death hit the web as the email was being sent. Our deepest sympathies are with him and his family, and we don't take the news lightly."Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment also sent condolences to the family and added ... "We regret the unfortunate timing" of the promotion and the announcement. The campaign has been pulled.

Suge Knight
I Don't Care Who Shot Me

Suge Knight says it doesn't really matter who fired six shots into his body during a pre-VMA party -- because he's not concerned with getting revenge ... or at least that's what he wants you to believe.Suge called in to TMZ Live Tuesday to talk about his recovery since the the shooting last month, and gushed about everything from his treatment at Cedars-Sinai ... to his new outlook on life after surviving.As for who shot him -- Suge hints he might have seen the suspect, but quickly states it doesn't really matter because he's focused on other things now. As TMZ first reported ... Suge dodged conversations with investigators while he was in the hospital. Now that he's recovering at home ... it doesn't sound like Suge's changed that stance.

Celebrity Nude Photo Leak -- Apple Says ... It Ain't Our Fault

Personal accounts of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and other celebs were all individually targeted by hackers, and Apple's iCloud security system was not to blame ... according to Apple.Apple now says after nearly 2 days of investigating ... their research shows the hackers broke into each celeb's iCloud and/or iPhone accounts by using actual usernames, passwords and security codes.Apple maintains it was not a breach, and says it's working with law enforcement to find the suspect or suspects involved.

'Utopia' Contestant
Suffers Medical Emergency In Brave New World

A contestant on the TV show, "Utopia" was forced to leave the show temporarily for a medical emergency ... after discovering the fledgling new civilization didn't include a hospital ... or doctors.A rep for the show tells TMZ ... 25-year-old Hex was suffering from dehydration and had to be taken to a hospital Saturday for "precautionary measures."Sources close to production say paramedics took Hex by ambulance to Henry Mayo Hospital in Valencia at about 9 A.M. She was treated for about 5 hours ... but then returned to the "Utopia" compound to continue shooting.On the show ... 14 people are dumped in the wilderness and challenged to create an entirely new society. We're told viewers watching online via livestream cameras were NOT shown the incident with Hex.

Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Ass Cracking a Smile ... For America!

Cuba Gooding Jr. flashed his American spirit right along with his ass crack ... during Labor Day weekend.Cuba sported a Paul Revere hat and stars and stripes board shorts while showing off the dark side of the moon on the beach in MalibuCheeky bastard.

Britney Spears Saved by Daddy after BF Cheats on Video

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Justin Bieber
Probation Violation Investigation Launched After Arrest

Justin Bieber is in the crosshairs of the L.A. County Probation Dept ... because his Canadian arrest just set in motion a chain reaction that could land him behind bars.Law enforcement sources tell us an investigation has been launched to determine if Justin's arrest for dangerous driving and assault constitutes a violation. We're told officials will contact law enforcement in Canada to verify the details of the incident.Justin is currently on 2 years probation after pleading to misdemeanor vandalism in the egging case back in July. Cops in Canada say Bieber got into a physical altercation with a paparazzo after his ATV collided with the photog's minivan.We're told probation officers have 30 days to notify the court of any alleged violation. The court will then decide if Justin's probation gets revoked, and if he gets jail time.

Taryn Manning
Alleged Stalker Arrested Again for Violating Court Order

A woman previously busted for stalking "Orange Is the New Black" star Taryn Manning was arrested again Tuesday ... this time for violating an order of protection. Jeanine Heller was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with criminal contempt in the second degree. According to the NYPD she violated the protection order by emailing and calling Manning. Manning pressed stalking charges against Heller in July, claiming her former pal sent her hundreds of texts, emails and phone calls over the course of a few months. At the time, Manning was awarded an order of protection that extended to her mother ... and her dog, Penguin.