Indiana Mayor
I'm Cool With 2 Chainz ... He Doesn't Attract Bad People Like Chief Keef

The Indiana mayor who shut down Chief Keef's concert over the weekend went and mugged for the camera with rapper 2 Chainz ... because he says Chainz is all about having a good time while Keef attracts a bad element. Hammond Mayor Thomas McDermott tells us he pulled the plug on Keef's non-live, hologram performance Saturday night because of Keef's "anti-cop, pro-gang" lyrics. As for why McDermott took a pic 2 days later with 2 Chainz ... he says the rapper's lyrics are innocuous and the crowds are more chill. Perhaps McDermott hasn't heard the song, "We Own It," in which 2C raps ... We got big guns, been graduated from knivesIt's the day in the life and I'm ready to ride Might be time to update that playlist.

Iraqi Death Scene Update
Marines Burned Bodies Exploding from Heat

The American soldiers who were photographed last year burning the bodies of Iraqi insurgents now say they were just following orders after the bodies started "literally exploding" in the streets. The photos first obtained by TMZ show a horrific death scene ... U.S. troops dousing and burning corpses in Fallujah back in 2004. Our story triggered a military investigation, but our sources say no disciplinary action was taken. Portions of the investigative file have now been made public, and one Marine told investigators the temp in Iraq at the time was a scorching 135 degrees and the carcasses were exploding in the streets from the heat. They decided the only course of action was to burn the bodies. The Marine said that the troops could “literally taste the corpses” because the smell was so awful, and it lowered morale. There were other reasons too. Starving wild dogs often attacked troops as they fed on the dead.

'Bachelorette' Runner-Up Nick Viall
Blows His Loser Cover ... Before Show Finale

'Bachelorette' runner-up Nick Viall ruined the big finale -- making it clear he wasn't picked -- because he was openly and notoriously cavorting with a hot girl who was NOT the bachelorette. Viall was hanging poolside Sunday afternoon at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood, clearly not caring that everyone around him could easily guess he was not bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe's choice. It's all the more interesting because most people assumed he was gonna win during Monday's show. We're told Nick is saying the chick in the pool is just a friend from home.   He clearly has a type ... she looks just like Kaitlyn, but we're not calling her a consolation prize.

Bobbi Kristina
Way Cleared for Burial Coroner Releases Body

The Fulton County Medical Examiner has released Bobbi Kristina's body and it is currently at a funeral home in preparation for burial next to her mom. The body was released Tuesday at around noon, a day after an autopsy was performed. The Medical Examiner has all the information he needs to determine the official cause of death, although it appears from the preliminary results there were no signs of foul play. The service is set for Saturday at St. James United Methodist Church in Alpharetta, GA. Bobbi Kristina will be buried next to Whitney Houston at Fairview Cemetery in New Jersey on Monday.

NFL -- Tom Brady Destroyed Cell Phone ... Suspension Upheld

Tom Brady told the NFL he could not submit his cell phone as evidence in the Deflategate investigation because he destroyed it ... this according to the NFL.  

Orlando & Draya -- Judge 86's Restraining Order In Dom. Violence Case

Another crazy twist in the Orlando Scandrick and Draya Michele love saga -- with a judge TOSSING the restraining order against her ... after the NFL star failed to show up to today's court hearing.  It's a BIG deal -- considering Scandrick claimed his ex-fiancee physically abused him on several occasions ... blasting him with pepper spray and even threatening to pour bleach in his eyes. 

Blake to Miranda
Your Crap's On the Porch

11:00 AM PT -- Sources connected with the former couple say Blake had no beef.  The stuff on the porch are things Miranda didn't want anymore and she said give it to charity or whoever Blake wanted. Blake Shelton is ridding himself of all things Miranda ... because he's removed all her junk from his Oklahoma home. Sources connected to Miranda confirm it is indeed her stuff that now sits on the front porch of Blake's Oklahoma ranch. It looks like every other garage sale in America, but some of those boots are worth real money. One source says Blake has been gone since he filed for divorce last week, and when a ranch hand told him Miranda hadn't removed her stuff, he ordered his staff to pack up her belongings and have it taken away in a U-Haul.  As we previously reported, Miranda's moving to Nashville and Blake will stay on the ranch.

Lou Ferrigno
'I Love Donald Trump'

Lou Ferrigno is a huge Donald Trump fan and wants him in the Oval Office, because he's the man who can keep our country safe.  Lou was at LAX Monday when our photog sheepishly asked about Trump, clearly thinking Lou -- a die-hard conservative -- would favor another candidate.    Lou clearly holds no grudges ... Donald fired him from 'Celebrity Apprentice.'

Liam Neeson
Healthy As a Horse ... Despite Sickly Photo

Liam Neeson had fans worried when he was spotted over the weekend looking frail and gaunt ... but his rep says the "Taken" star is in good health.  The rep says the 63-year-old actor is "healthy as ever," despite his ghostly appearance in the pic. The rep adds Neeson changed his diet and started doing more exercise about a year ago and credits that for the weight loss.  Plus, the rep says ... it's just an unflattering pic.  Apparently one of Neeson's "particular skills" ... is not always taking a great photo. 

Bobbi Kristina
History of Falling Asleep Wasted in Bathtubs

Bobbi Kristina got extremely drunk the night before her mom died, fell asleep in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and flooded the room ... and it could be critical evidence in the homicide investigation. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Bobbi was partying with Whitney Houston at the Beverly Hilton bar and got drunk and unruly. Bobbi Kristina went up to her room, drew a bath and fell asleep in the tub ... intoxicated. By the time she woke up there was water everywhere.   Sources tell TMZ, attorney Jose Baez, who reps Bobbi's BF Nick Gordon, knows about the incident and will use it to convince prosecutors Nick did nothing wrong ... that she simply took too many drugs and did the same thing she did at the hotel with fatal results. We've also learned the night Whitney Houston was found dead in her tub, Bobbi Kristina was rushed to the hospital for acute alcohol poisoning. Whitney's PR team said it was for exhaustion, but law enforcement tells us it was excessive alcohol consumption. It's relevant especially in light of the Medical Examiner's preliminary autopsy report, which reveals no obvious evidence of foul play.  

TMZ Live
Bobbi Kristina Death Investigation: All Eyes Turn to Nick Gordon

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White Radio is Racist They Won't Play My Song!

White radio will ONLY play R&B/Soul if it's performed by white guys ... so claims the black guy who has the #1 R&B/Soul album ... Tyrese. Tyrese does not mince words ... he says he can't get white radio DJ's to play his single "Shame" to save his life ... it's only played on black stations.   He then ups the ante, claiming white radio would love "Shame" if it was performed by Justin Timberlake, Sam Smith or Robin Thicke.   Tyrese grouses, urban stations play white artists with no problem ... it's just not a 2-way street. He's pissed, but he's also #1 ...

Hemsworth Brothers
Chris vs. Luke vs. Liam Who’d You Rather?

Q: What’s blue-eyed, hot and Australian? A: A Hemsworth brother. Chris (31), Luke (33) and Liam (25) were brothers in arms at the premiere of "Vacation" ... and it's clear good genes run deep in this family … really deep.   Question is … who do you want in your outback?