'RHOA' Star Porsha Williams
Demoted for Being a Pain in the Ass

Porsha Williams was demoted to being a "friend" on the upcoming season of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" after filming had begun ... because producers once again got fed up with her behavior. According to our sources, Bravo had intended Williams to be a main castmember this season ... even after her monumental fight with Kenya Moore.But when filming began, we're told Bravo tried to get Williams and Moore to talk things out, but Williams nearly fought her again. Our sources says Williams also went after new castmember Claudia Jordan. Temper issues aside, we're told Williams also kept the show at arm's length and wouldn't reveal certain details of her personal life ... leaving producers with no story to tell. Demetria McKinney is also recurring as a "friend" on the show, but our sources say the original plan was to have McKinney on full-time and Jordan on part-time ... but Jordan did so well, they flip-flopped them.

Stephanie Seymour's Son Arrested for Living the High Life

Stephanie Seymour's socialite son may think about a move from NY to Colorado ... because then he wouldn't have gotten busted for weed.Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... 20-year-old Peter Brant Jr. was popped by cops in Red Hook, NY ... and charged with misdemeanor possession of weed. Cops wrote him a ticket and let him out.The fine shouldn't pose much of a problem ... his dad's a billionaire businessman.  And his mom is a super affectionate ex-supermodel.

Selena & Miranda Justin Bieber's Girls Come Face-to-Face in Paris

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Shia LaBeouf
Repeat Intruder Blocked for 3 Yrs.

The weird quotient in Shia LaBeouf's life just went down a notch -- a judge ordered the woman who repeatedly showed up at his house to stay away for 3 years.Graciela Nahle was ordered to stay 100 yards away from Shia -- and have no electronic contact with him at all. The permanent restraining order was issued in Van Nuys. Neither Graciela nor Shia was in the courtroom.As we previously reported ... Shia says Nahle showed up at his house numerous times -- once calling him Einstein and threatening to "blow up the world." She'd also been previously arrested and convicted for trespassing at his place.

Kansas City Police Dept.
CRIME DOWN During Royals Playoff Game

The Kansas City Royals could be the key to stopping crime in Kansas City ... because criminal activity was actually DOWN in K.C. during last night's big playoff game ... cops tell TMZ Sports. We spoke with Sgt. Darin Snapp of the Kansas City Police Dept. who says the unbelievable 12 inning battle between the Royals and the Oakland A's may have actually deterred the bad guys for a night. "We ran the last 4 Tuesdays and last night was the slowest night as far as calls to service," Sgt. Snapp says ... adding, "Everybody was happy and getting along and watching the game."The cops were especially thrilled with the situation ... considering the KCPD had tweeted out to the city earlier, "We really need everyone to not commit crimes and drive safely right now. We'd like to hear the @Royals clinch this."Ask ... and you shall receive.

Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez -- Well, This Is Awkward

The Orlando Bloom/Justin Bieber/Miranda Kerr/Selena Gomez love square united in significant fashion during Paris Fashion Week and it was nothing but uncomfortable.Miranda and Selena posed for this pic at the Louis Vuitton show and looked like they'd both rather be in a dentist's chair.Their common bond is of course Justin Bieber, who is  currently banging Selena and was famously and allegedly banging Miranda after a NY fashion show.As TMZ reported ... earlier in the day Justin was at another show when Miranda suddenly appeared and Justin literally hid behind Kim Kardashian's butt.Meanwhile ... back at the ranch in L.A. -- our photog got Orlando Bloom out, who famously took a swing at the Biebs in Ibiza, and asked about Justin possibly stepping out on Selena for Kendall Jenner.So complicated.

Hooks up the Nanny ... With a BRAND NEW CAR!!!

Tyrese Gibson reduced a grown woman to tears -- surprising his longtime nanny with a sweet new ride!TG handed over the keys to a black Audi sedan Monday ... totally shocking the woman a la Oprah -- and the video is pretty awesome. He says she's been taking care of his 7-year-old daughter Shayla most of her life ... so she's earned the bonus.Toward the end of the clip there's a shot of her old car. We'll just say ... serious upgrade.We just hope Tyrese learned from Oprah, and paid the taxes for her.

Justin Bieber Punching Paps in Paris

Justin Bieber mixed it up Tuesday with the paparazzi in Paris and appeared to throw a punch during the fracas. We're told Bieber and his crew tried to clear the photogs out of the way as they entered their hotel after dinner.Check out Bieber -- inexplicably dressed in a camouflage jacket and pants with black leather sneakers -- his hand just below the neck of one photog ... another photo shows Bieber appearing to be in mid-punch. Biebs has been a busy boy in Paree ... dining with Kendall Jenner and later partying with Kendall, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Paris Hilton and GF Selena Gomez ... but avoiding Miranda Kerr like Ebola.

Amanda Bynes Kicked Out of Fashion School For Weed, Bizarre Conduct

Amanda Bynes was out of control at her fashion school ... showing up high and offering fellow students money to do her homework ... and we're told it got so bad she was kicked out.Several classmates at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Irvine say Amanda has shown big signs of trouble for a while ... and various people have told us she often went to class high on weed.Student Rachel Loritz tells TMZ ... Amanda often ditched classes ... but even when she showed up, she was clearly high, and not good at hiding it ... she almost always wore sunglasses and laughed out loud at inappropriate times. We're told the pendulum would often swing and she would then get in "horrendous arguments."Rachel says ... Amanda paid fellow students to do her homework ... and some took her up on it. Rachel says she rejected Amanda's offer.We're told Amanda was caught cheating off someone during a test ... and when she was called out she threw a fit.Multiple sources tell us Amanda was kicked out of the school last month.

Michael Phelps -- 8-Hour Gambling Binge ... Before DUI

Michael Phelps had just finished up an 8-hour gambling session at a Baltimore casino before he was popped for DUI early Tuesday morning ... TMZ Sports has learned. According to our casino sources, Phelps hit up the Horseshoe Casino around 5pm Monday afternoon ... and sat in a private VIP gambling room for hours ... finally leaving around 1am. We're told Phelps was playing blackjack ... though it's unclear if he also played other card games that night. There have been several reports that he's big into poker. Clearly, Phelps had been drinking inside the casino ... we're told his booze of choice was beer ... and when he was pulled over around 1:40am, it was just a few miles from the casino. We're told Phelps is a regular at the casino ... in fact, he was just there last month playing poker. We reached out to Phelps for comment -- so far, no dice.

Amanda Bynes Back in the Danger Zone

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'Down Home With The Neelys' -- We Hated Each Other The Entire Show

The cooking couple that starred in "Down Home With The Neelys" hated each other FOR YEARS ... enduring 11 seasons of mutual contempt before calling it quits.Sources close to both Pat and Gina Neely tell TMZ ... the marriage was doomed even before the show fired up in 2009 ... and the pressures of TV made things a lot worse.We're told the Neelys had no idea the show would endure but they rode the fame train when it became a hit ... with each accusing the other of having an unquenchable thirst for the spotlight.Now that they've thrown in the towel ... he's splintered off by himself and believes Gina will fail without him.  The reason ... his family owns the famous recipes and he's the master chef.  As for her ... she thinks she can trump him because she's a bigger TV personality.They will still be tied at the hip in NYC ... where they co-own Neely's Barbecue Parlor.  They have no plans to sell it.Gina filed the divorce papers earlier this month. 

A$AP Rocky
So My Shows Get Rowdy ... Quit Whining About a Little Slap

A$AP Rocky claims he never laid a finger on the ex-fan who's accusing him of smacking her up at a concert -- instead, he's hinting she might have been roughed up by other fans ... and should have expected it.As we reported ... Lisamarie Wade sued Rocky for $75K ... saying he smacked her in a brutal, unprovoked attack while making his way through the crowd at a Philly music festival last year. Rocky just fired back in legal docs ... denying he ever touched or attempted to hit Wade. He says a pack of fans "aggressively moved towards" -- insinuating Wade may have been part of that mob scene. But he adds neither he nor his entourage smacked her.He says Wade knew there could be trouble in such a crowded setting. In other words ... expect some heat when you walk in the kitchen.Rocky wants the lawsuit thrown out ... A$AP.