'Big Brother' Contestant's G-Ma
There's No Curse I'm Not in Fear For My Life

People die in threes ... so the urban legend goes ... but the grandma of "Big Brother" contestant Amber Borzotra is fearless -- despite the fact grandparents of two other contestants died this week. Producers broke the news to Frankie Grande -- Ariana's bro -- about their beloved grandpa.  And Friday night house guest Derrick Levasseur got similar bad news.Nonetheless ... 64-year old Iris Beverly isn't nervous -- and same goes for her 67-year old husband.  She tells us, "We don't believe in curses, when God calls my name I will go."Beverly adds, "Them dying is a tough coincidence, but he stays healthy walking and I'm a professional piddler."We made calls to the grandparents of some of the other contestants, but there was no answer. Fingers crossed.

Stars and Scars
You be the Judge

Joan Rivers made lots of friends and lots of enemies with her impassioned Israel tirade that TMZ posted Friday.  And Lil Wayne is now giving Jay Z a run for his money.  So we gotta ask ...

'Bio-Dome' Star
Arrested For DWI Name Drops Bloomberg During Bust

"Bio-Dome" star Dara Tomanovich was arrested for DWI in New York ... and she may have tried to get out of it by name dropping ex NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.Dara -- who played one of the hot female scientists alongside Kylie Minogue -- reportedly crashed her Porsche in Manhattan earlier this month ... and when cops showed up, she was stumbling around while reeking of booze.Page Six reports Tomanovich said she was friends with Bloomberg and could get the officers fired or transferred.The actress then allegedly failed two breathalyzer tests -- she blew .159 and .112 -- and was subsequently taken into custody. She was charged with DWI and released without bail.

Tim McGraw
Slap Victim Lawyers Up Pay Up, Or Else

The woman Tim McGraw bitch slapped during a concert earlier this month has taken the first step in slapping Tim back ... with a lawsuit.Jesslyn Taylor has hired a lawyer who has already contacted Tim's people ... and it's pretty obvious she wants Tim to ante up ... or face a personal injury lawsuit.Her lawyer, Eric Hertz -- a Georgia personal injury attorney -- tells TMZ his client was NOT trying to grab Tim's junk when he hauled off and slapped her.  He says she was nothing more than an enthusiastic fan who was part of the show's "interactive environment" and merely wanted a touch.Hertz says Jesslyn is furious Tim's been slinging mud at her by claiming she was aggressive ... trying to rip his jeans ... and she was thrown out of the concert as a result.  He says she feels humiliated and for starters wants an apology.Cops told us they side with Tim and feel he's the victim.  When you hire a P.I. attorney to contact someone who slapped you, you want one of two things: money or a lawsuit to get you money. We reached out to McGraw's reps ... so far no word back.

NFL Owner Art Modell
Cops Find Grave Urinator Kick Case to State Attorney

Cops have finally identified the Cleveland Browns fan who peed on the grave of late Baltimore Ravens owner Art Modell ... and now the case is the hands of the State Attorney ... TMZ Sports has learned. The footage has been all over the Internet -- showing some pudgy dude in a Lyle Alzado jersey calling Modell a "piece of s**t" who tried to kill the Browns ... before taking a leak on his gravestone.

Homeless Stalker Arrested For Creepy Note Threats

A homeless man was arrested in New York for stalking and harassing Rihanna ... by delivering super creepy hand written notes to her home. Kevin Mcglynn was allegedly caught on surveillance video 3 separate times this month ... delivering the notes calling her a bitch and threatening to bum rush her home.The New York Daily News reports he also allegedly sent at least 4 letters to her California home.On his 3rd visit earlier this month -- the homeless man dropped his benefits card in the singer's SoHo building ... leaving his address, so cops easily tracked him down.Mcglynn claimed in court Rihanna, Jay Z and Kanye West jacked his "material."He's being held without bail ... and since he's got a long rap sheet which trespassing arrests -- he could be there for awhile.

Audrina Patridge
Please Love Me, Nerds … Working Blue at Comic-Con

Audrina Patridge did her best to infiltrate nerd mecca by using her only best asset -- her ridiculous body, covered in paint -- but just ended up sticking out like a sore thumb.  Patridge tried to blend in at Comic-Con by dressing up as Mystique from X-Men Friday in San Deigo.Truth is, if there weren't cameras all over the convention center, Audrina probably wouldn't be rubbing elbows with Wookies and Klingons -- but she gets some props for the authentic comic book Mystique costume.She'd get way more if she'd gone as one of the movie versions.

Starbucks Sued
My Oprah Chai Tea Was Spiked with Heroin ... Claims Bizarre Lawsuit

All he wanted was a hot cup of Oprah Winfrey's signature tea, but a Starbucks customer claims his came with a heavy dose of heroin and a barrage of racial slurs -- this according to a lawsuit so outrageous, it's hard to take seriously.Vernon Charles Allen Merriweather says he ordered Oprah's Chai tea last Fall in Buffalo, NY -- and noticed the staff added hallucinogenics, heroin and Ambien ... according to the Federal lawsuit.Merriweather also says when he applied for a job (during a different visit) at the Starbucks -- he was told, "We don't hire n******" -- and the baristas called themselves an Aryan nation.Just in case you're still taking the suit seriously -- VCAM's tea was allegedly spiked 6 months BEFORE Oprah Chai tea even debuted! Yeah. All the same, VCAM is suing Oprah, Starbucks, and 2 colleges in Buffalo ('cause why not) for discrimination and harassment -- and wants all involved to get diversity training ... and give him $15 million.

Mariah Carey
Bel Air is for Princes Not for Queens

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon just freed up a big chunk of Bel Air, selling their massive estate and pocketing a few mil in the process.The couple sold the 3 acre, 7-bedroom Colonial for a skosh over $10 mil, which sounds impressive, but it's 3 million LESS than what they wanted.  Nonetheless, they bought it for $7 mil in 2009 so they won't be apartment hunting in the Valley.In case you want to know what you missed out on ... the house has a movie theater, a gym, an indoor basketball court and a putting green.Unless Miley Cyrus bought the house, it's likely the monogram at the bottom of the pool will be deep six'd.Real estate sources tell us ... M&N plan to ditch the left coast ... for NYC.

John Mayer
Prepare to be Mind Blown, Regis!

John Mayer is a big star.  Regis Philbin has met lots of big stars.  Regis A) doesn't recognize John and B) is genuinely star struck when Bob Saget clues him in.The singer was at Craig's with Saget when the famous TV host made his way into the restaurant and ran into the duo outside.It's actually pretty cool ... Mayer introduces himself to Regis and says they've never met.After that, things get a little confusing.  Just watch.

Big Brother
Quarantine Broken Again … Derrick's Grandpa Dies

For the second time in days, a "Big Brother" houseguest got shocking news from the outside world about a family member's death -- this time it was Derrick Levasseur's grandfather.On tonight's live feed, houseguest Derrick was handed a note from producers -- like Frankie Grande on Wednesday evening -- and learned of the death in his family.It's eerie … Derrick purposely lost the Head of Household competition on Thursday so Frankie would get a chance to see photos of his grandfather who died on Tuesday.Derrick shared his news with Frankie in the house tonight … and said his family isn't as close. He said he wasn't planning to leave the house for the funeral on Sunday.As we told you … it is extremely rare for producers to break the 'BB' house quarantine even once in a season.

Justin Bieber
Pays Visit To Probation Dept.

Justin Bieber began paying his dues for his vandalism conviction in the egging case, by meeting with his probation officer ... TMZ has learned.Bieber and his lawyer, Shawn Holley, showed up at the Probation Dept. at the Santa Monica Courthouse Friday afternoon.  They spent an hour with the probation officer.Sources say they discussed the requirements of his probation, which include NOT breaking any laws and completing his anger management and community service on time.Bieber pled no contest to misdemeanor vandalism and was ordered to attend 12 anger management classes, complete 5 days of community service and pay $80K for the damage he caused.

TMZ's Annual
Comic-Contest GEEK OUT!

You don't have to be in San Diego this weekend to indulge in some awesome cosplay -- just observe all the awesome role-playing pictures that were submitted for TMZ's annual Comic-Contest!Be sure to check back on Monday to vote for which marvel-ous look will score the $250 prize and some top-secret gifts from TMZ!**CLICK HERE for contest rules and regulations!**