Hollywood Party Accuser
A Dude Drugged and Raped Me After Siegfried and Roy Show

TMZ has obtained FBI documents detailing shocking allegations of sexual abuse involving minors and Hollywood types ... and it's simply shocking.As TMZ previously reported ... Michael Egan is suing "X-Men" director Bryan Singer for sexually assaulting him numerous times at a party at a mansion in Encino, CA.  Singer denies it.  Egan claims he went to the FBI in 2000 but sources tell us he NEVER complained about Singer.It appears, however, Egan DID complain about the men who owned the mansion -- Marc Collins-Rector and Chad Shackley.  TMZ has obtained an affidavit written by FBI Special Agent Joseph Brine.  We know Egan -- who was 15 at the time of the alleged assault -- is referred to as Minor #4.In the affidavit -- dated May, 2003 -- Egan says Shackley's younger brother invited him to a graduation party at the Encino estate.  According to the docs, there were 5 to 6 people present, including Rector and Shackley -- Singer is not mentioned.  Egan claims during the party, Rector told him "90 percent of show business was gay and that you needed to sleep with people if you wanted to go anywhere."    Rector allegedly warned, "We stay together, but you do not want to see my dark side," and then displayed a gun.Rector allegedly said he was one of the 25 most powerful people in Hollywood and it would be a mistake to make the group angry.What followed, according to Egan, was a barrage of sexual assaults at the estate and elsewhere.  Most shockingly, Egan says he was taken to a Siegfried and Roy show in Vegas, drugged and when he awoke he felt a pain in his rectal area and realized he had been sodomized by Shackley.Collins-Rector was charged with 21 counts of sexual assault. He copped a plea to 1 count.  We're told Collins-Rector and Shackley fled the country.The other minors who are mentioned in the complaint tell wild stories ... being flown from various states to California, offered $100K a year for college tuition, cars and other perks in return for sex.One minor was allegedly told by Rector if he refused to have sex he'd be sent back to his "hick town" and never have a life.

Eliza Coupe Divorce
No Happy Ending She's Paying Up Big Time!

Eliza Coupe should have known this was a possibility when she married a puppeteer ... TMZ has learned she's been ordered to pay her ex spousal support and a six-figure lump sum to boot!As TMZ first reported, Randall Whittinghill filed for divorce from the "Happy Endings" star last July after five years of marriage (literally -- the date of separation on the divorce docs is listed as their five-year anniversary).According to divorce docs obtained by TMZ ... Whittinghill and Coupe have come to agreement on how to divvy things up ... and Whittinghill made out quite well. The docs say Coupe has to fork over $7,000 a month in spousal support as well as a lump sum payment of $306,000.The gravy train comes to an abrupt halt in 2 years or when Whittinghill gets re-hitched ... whichever comes first.In January, USA picked up Eliza's next show to series ... so she won't be hurting too bad.

Lindsay Lohan
I HAD A MISCARRIAGE During My Reality Show

Lindsay Lohan says she suffered a miscarriage during the taping of her reality show. Lohan dropped the bombshell during the final episode of the OWN show Sunday night ... when asked to reflect on her experience with the reality show."No one knows this," Lohan said ... "I had a miscarriage for those two weeks that I took off.”She continued, "It's a very long story, but that's why on the show when it says she doesn't want to come down, I couldn't move, I was sick. Mentally, that messes with you."Lindsay did not identify the FATHER of the child.

Ex-NBA Player Eric Williams
I'm Homeless

Former NBA player Eric Williams -- who spent 12 seasons in league -- says he is homeless and broke … this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ Sports.

Ultimate Warrior
ABC Sitcom Planning Tribute to WWE Star

The guy behind the ABC sitcom "The Goldbergs" is a hardcore Ultimate Warrior fan -- which is why he's dedicating an upcoming episode of the show to his childhood hero ... TMZ has learned. We spoke with creator Adam Goldberg who tells us he was heartbroken when he heard about Warrior's death earlier this month and desperately wanted to pay homage to his idol. Goldberg says it just so happened his staff was working on an '80s wrestling themed episode -- so it seemed like a perfect fit. "With the help of fans on Twitter, I was able to get in touch with [Warrior's] family and I'm thrilled to dedicate the May 6th episode to him.""It's my way of saying thank you for being the coolest hero a kid could ever have." 

Borrowing $5 Mil To Pimp Out Pimp Mansion

Birdman has some big remodeling plans for his Miami mansion. How big? Try $5 million big.TMZ obtained loan docs connected to Birdman's sick Miami mansion -- the one he bought for $14.5 million in 2012 -- and he's taking out the $5 mil against the house to do "interior remodeling" that will require construction, painting ... and lots of marble and stone work.He's already posted renderings on Instagram of some of the work he has planned, including a shot of a $250,000 chandelier.One last super baller part of this deal -- Birdman has ONE YEAR to repay the loan. Enjoy your 30 year mortgage!

'Wolf of Wall Street'
Benihana Scene Is BS, But Great for Biz ... Says Steve Aoki

"The Wolf of Wall Street" served up a steaming bowl of hibachi BS during the Benihana scene ... so says Steve Aoki (whose father founded the restaurant) ... but he doesn't care, 'cause it's GREAT for business! Aoki -- one of the highest paid DJs on the planet -- was bouncing out of Hooray Henry's when he told us the Scorsese flick fudged the facts to make the story sound better -- claiming his dad Rocky Aoki had nothing to do with Jordan Belfor's arrest.But Steve says he isn't tripping over facts (or lack thereof) -- he's just PUMPED that his dad and the restaurant got a shout out in an Oscar nominated flick!! Now who's ready for some tempura ice cream?!

Guess Who This Adorable

Before this chubby little lady became the epitome of a Hollywood blonde bombshell she was just another bouncing baby in the Chicago suburbs. Can you guess who she is?

Too Short
I'm Not a Hitler Hater

Too Short doesn't hate Hitler ... because things worked out and Jews are still alive and well.We got Short Saturday at The Forum in L.A. and asked the weed enthusiast if the joy of 4/20 was dampened by the fact it's also Hitler's birthday.Short fired back ... "Hitler got his.  He is where he's supposed to be," adding, "What happened was supposed to happen."He goes on to say in the end the Germans didn't wipe out all the Jews.   True enough ... only 6 million.We kinda know what Short is trying to say ... that the world recovered.  His choice of words, however ... well, maybe he was high.

Bryan Singer
'He Had Every Chance to Rape Me and Didn't' ... Says Gay Disney Actor

A former Disney actor is calling BS on allegations Bryan Singer once sexually assaulted an underage actor ... telling us the "X-Men" director could have raped him plenty of times -- but never laid a hand on him.Matthew Smith -- a gay actor who starred in some "Wizards of Waverly Place" episodes -- says he met Singer in 2007 through a friend when he was 17 ... and they grew close over the next 2 years.Matt says he and Singer were alone several times -- even flying together on a private jet -- but Singer never tried to force himself on the actor.  Bryan even invited Smith's mom to tag along for dinner.As we previously reported, Singer is one of many who attends wild Hollywood parties with young gay males.Smith says he's sure Michael Egan -- the guy accusing Singer of sexually assaulting him at an L.A. party in '98 and Hawaii in '99 -- is only in it for the money adding, "he'll get murdered in court."Time will tell.

Fearfully Promotes Lara Spencer To Co-Host ... Shhhhhh

"Good Morning America" promoted Lara Spencer to co-host and then BURIED the announcement -- presumably to keep some pretty fragile GMA egos in check.ABC honchos sent an internal memo around to the staff bragging about how GMA has kicked the "Today" show's ass for 2 straight years.  The memo -- which was obtained by Page Six -- starts out by calling Robin Roberts "the captain of our team"In PARAGRAPH 6 the memo essentially says, "Oh, by the way, Lara's a co-anchor now."And get this ... to make sure the announcement got buried, it was sent to the staff on Good Friday.Now for some translation ... Lara made lots of demands when her contract was renegotiated recently ... she thinks of herself as Robin's fill-in.  She also can't stand Amy Robach  -- even though they told TMZ they love each other -- and when Amy got promoted to news anchor apparently GMA felt it needed to up Lara's title to keep her happy.As for why the announcement was made on Good Friday, well ... people on the staff say Robin can be quite a diva, and GMA didn't want to ruffle her feathers.Poor George.

CLOWNS TMZ Photog You Want Fries With That?

You know you're a super hot chick when you can call a guy "fat ass" ... and minutes later, have him eating out of the palm of your hand -- something Rihanna has perfected to a T.RiRi was bailing from Toxic at Lure Saturday night when she grilled our camera guy -- pun intended -- about his love for greasy food.The best part ... just minutes later she apologizes and our photog is once again smitten.You gotta watch, the video is hilarious.

O.J. Simpson
Sewer Screwer

When it comes to O.J. Simpson ... the lights are on but nobody's home -- LITERALLY -- because Miami-Dade County is going after the killer for a very delinquent water and sewer bill.O.J. hasn't called the house in question home since jail became his crib years ago.  The house went on the auction block last October, but all wasn't square after the sale.  The Water and Sewer Dept. claims O.J. still owes $457.33.So here's the thing.  The Dept. not only wants its money, it wants 8% annual interest.  O.J. could be in prison for the next 28 years.  So if the bill goes unpaid, if he ever gets out he'll owe around $4,000.We called the Dept. and they made it clear ... they will NOT give O.J. a pass for being in prison.  He'll have to clean up the mess when he gets out, and one thing is clear … O.J. isn't great at cleaning up his messes.