Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian is NOT a daddy ... he's intentionally punked the media by tweeting out some not-so-cryptic hints he's a father and then watching the lies spiral out of control online.Sources VERY close to Rob tell TMZ ... Rob was testing the media Thursday night by tweeting, "Was with my baby mama tonight." In July, he tweeted, "Happy I got my Son with me for the 4th tomorrow."Various outlets immediately took the bait, but here's the thing ... there is no baby mama and no baby.It's an interesting strategy ... Rob's been taking heat for his weight and substance abuse.  Not a bad diversionary tactic.

Stars and Scars
You Be the Judge

The Ray Rice elevator videos continue to have huge repercussions in the NFL and far beyond.  One big question ... Is Roger Goodell fit to run the NFL.  So we gotta ask ...

Shaq Bon Jovi
Frontman In Rock Band At LSU College Bar [Video]

Call him the Black Bon Jovi ... because Shaquille O'Neal got on stage at a college bar at LSU this week and belted out "YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME" ... and TMZ Sports has the footage. The Diesel hit up Fred's In Tigerland near the LSU campus Thursday night -- his old stomping ground -- when he decided he wanted to jump on stage with a local band and jam out to a rock song.  We're told ... Shaq told the band to "follow my lead" ... and then busted out some Jovi. As you can see in the clip, the crowd went NUTS ... and Shaq jumped around on stage like a maniac while screaming the lyrics at the top of his lungs. The best part -- we're told Shaq was dead sober for the whole thing ... not one drop of alcohol.But we all know Shaq's comfortable when it comes to performing on stage ...  right Kobe? 


Forget tramp stamps and tribal bands… These stars weren't afraid to take their love of tattoos to a whole new level -- Can you guess which celebs tackled their obsession for ink head on?

Disney Star Tiffany Thornton
Reconciles with Husband After Child Abduction Drama

Disney star Tiffany Thornton is back with the man she feared so much she fled into the dark of night with her kids ... TMZ has learned. We're told Thornton and her hubby, Chris Carney, have reconciled  ... moving into Chris' parents' house in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where his mom is the mayor.   We broke the story ... Chris filed a child stealing report with police back in May ... claiming Thornton had abducted their 2 young sons. Turned out ... Thornton fled to get away from her husband who went on violent drunken binges.  It was so bad Chris' mom helped her escape.So Chris has pledged to stop drinking and Tiffany is back -- though we're told she made him take a drug and alcohol test first.  We're also told Tiffany and Chris are getting counseling, so maybe things will work out. 

Celebrity Scramble

No this isn't that weird looking sloth Sid from the "Ice Age" movies -- it's actually a very famous face that had the unfortunate luck of receiving one of our million dollar celebrity scrambles... are you skilled enough to see past the funky photo to see the star underneath?

Sugar Bear
More Fries for Me

Now that Mama June's given him the ole heave ho, Sugar Bear slipped off his ring and sought the comfort of an old friend today in Georgia.Suge was outside the 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' family home sans wedding ring, but he did have the male version of bon bons and boxed wine -- a fountain soda and fries from McDonald's ... supersized, of course. If he's looking for a silver lining -- nobody likes sharing their fries, right?Bachelorhood has its privileges.

Keyshia Cole
ARRESTED For Assaulting Woman In Birdman's Condo

Keyshia Cole spent a not-so-pleasant Friday morning in jail ... after allegedly assaulting a woman who apparently spent the night with Keyshia's rumored BF.Keyshia showed up at a swanky condo complex in West L.A. at around 5 AM. We're told she went there to see Birdman -- the CEO of Cash Money -- who she's reportedly dating.Our sources say ... for some reason security let her go up to Birdman's penthouse and when she got in she saw another woman and went nuts.We're told Keyshia attacked her ... leaving scratches all over her face.Cops were called ... and Keyshia was arrested for battery and an outstanding reckless driving warrant.She was just released on $46,000 bail.We called Keyshia's rep ... so far no comment.

Maxine Jones
I Gotta Have 'En Vogue' Again 'Cause I'm Broke As a Joke

Singer Maxine Jones -- who was kicked out of En Vogue two years ago -- is blaming her old band mates for her massive debt and bankruptcy.Jones was ordered by a judge last year to stop using the En Vogue name ... which led to her filing for bankruptcy. She said she was over $100K in the red.In her bankruptcy docs, Jones listed her debts -- including  $212K for her house, $22K in CA taxes, $17K in lawyers' fees ... and $539 to Victoria's Secret -- because a girl's still gotta look good.Jones said she brings in about $3,473 a month -- but not enough to cover her monthly expenses. So now Jones has gone back to court ... she's filed an appeal -- asking a judge to let her use the En Vogue name again ... so she can book gigs and pay off some of her debts.

August Alsina Awakens From Three Day Coma

August Alsina's condition was much more serious than his camp initially let on -- the singer was in a coma for 3 days after fainting on stage in NYC ... but he is finally awake.August posted a gnarly photo of himself Friday morning after regaining consciousness ... thanking friends and family for their "prayers and concerns." In the pic, his head is heavily bandaged and an oxygen mask is strapped to his face.TMZ broke the story ...  BET's Best New Artist of the Year collapsed and fell off a stage Monday night. The next day, Alsina's rep said he was suffering from seizures and was in ICU.Alsina's rep now confirms he'd been in a medically induced coma since Tuesday, and on a breathing machine.

Chris Brown & The Game Two Anti-Gang Activists ... with Gang Ties

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Roger Goodell -- I'M NOT GOING TO RESIGN ... Owners Support Me

Roger Goodell says he will NOT resign as NFL Commissioner ... and believes he has the full support of the NFL owners.Goodell addressed the media at a news conference in NYC -- and for the most part, reiterated that he screwed up in the handling of the Ray Rice case and vows to do better. "Over the past several weeks, we have seen all to much of the NFL doing wrong, that starts with me."Goodell believes he should stay in power because "I acknowledged my mistakes."When asked if he felt the league supports him staying as Commish, Goodell said ... "I believe I have the support of the owners. That is clear to me."But the best part of the event, when Benjy from the "Howard Stern Show" started yelling and screaming ... and when he was dragged away by security he yelled, "DON'T PUT ME IN THE ELEVATOR!!!"

Mama June Separates from Sugar Bear -- Kicks Him to the Curb

Mama June and Sugar Bear Thompson are done -- separated -- because she's convinced he's been cheating on her ... sources tell TMZ.We're told Mama June has repeatedly caught Sugar Bear trolling on online dating sites. One of them is, in which Sugar Bear -- with the handle Georgiafighter31054 -- says "i love to hunt fish and ride 4wheelers and have a good time.  i luve muddy Boggs and love to ride in the mudd."Mama June has stopped wearing her wedding ring (technically the couple was never married, but they did have a commitment ceremony).Our sources say Mama June plans on taking the kids and moving out -- once the latest round of filming "Here Comes Boo Boo" is done ... so she can be closer to her relatives.  She hasn't fully decided on the move.We're told the producers of the show are scrambling to try and figure out what's next.June and Sugar Bear tell TMZ, "Sugar Bear and I have decided to take some time apart to figure out some things in our relationship.  We are taking things day by day but regardless of what happens the girls will always be our #1 priority.  We want to thank ya'll for your support."